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But now Japan literally can't compete against the rest of us, since you separated the leaderboards, before, if you were a good runner you could claim top 3 pretty easily, now they have no choice to submit to a secondary leaderboard.


Of course they can compete with everyone.
That was the whole point about your post earlier, people moving from chinese to japanese.

Everyone is able to run the japanese version compared with the chinese version.
Now im not saying that all chinese runners will run japanese but atleast they have the option to.


So what's wrong with making the main leaderboards an any region leaderboard, japanese version runners who want to only compete with other japanese version runners still could, and people who want to compete against everybody can as well.


Because people love WRs. China is also atleast 20seconds faster (yes I framecounted most of the text).

Dont think we're getting anywhere with this.


These changes make no sense at all. As a speedrunner your goal is to have the fastest time possible at the game, if it's a specific version of the game (Chinese version), then that should be the only version for any speedrunner that wants to get on the leaderboard, right?


The problem is that its pretty much close to impossible to buy a legal copy of the Taiwanese PC version. This is an issue for some people especially in countries with strict copyright laws (Japan, for example).


Taiwanese version can be bought.
If there is a large group of people in the community that think that all Capcom copyrights on the disc, manual and everything are incorrect. From 1996, to 2000 are listed with contact info for Capcom.

They can feel free to submit a notification here:

Copyright Agent and Address:
Capcom Legal Department
800 Concar Drive, Suite 200
San Mateo, CA 94402
phone: 650-350-6500
fax: 650-350-6657

But simply implying something is fake that shows proof of copyrights on the disc, is just butthurt.


So you're actually saying people have fake copies of re3 and are all taiwanese? That's evidence that taiwanese version is fake and should be taken off the board right away.
But if you're saying they purchased Re3 taiwanese and got something else because online is full of fakes, then that just suggests people are getting scammed.


I myself purchased the Taiwan version from "ruten".
Although I've only used it there, Taiwan's auction
transactions are evaluated as fair and reliable.

However, I think that it should be noted that
not only is it easy to purchase, but also that
the Japanese version (and other regions) and the
Taiwan version are separated.

Regarding the operability of item acquisition,
in terms of the impression of operating both versions,
the Taiwan version compared to the Japanese version,
not only the text display is faster, but also the waiting
time of input reception is extremely shorter than
Japanese version.

Because the operability of factors that delay play is
different, the Taiwan version and the Japanese version
are "different games".

It is not a rational judgment to put it together, and
it strongly supports the present condition that it is


its stupid to continually argue this. the boards are seperated now. the amount of runners on each are even. just play the fucking game or dont quit acting like children

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Всем привет, прошу прощение что пишу на русском, мой английский очень плох. Так вот к чему я пишу, у орчи в РЕ3 рекорде берётся магнум, а после встречи с карлосом появляется гранотомёт, как так? Мне кажется мировой рекорд под вопросом?


Для ранов тайваньской версии разрешается использовать GL/Magnum Tool, который заменяет пушку в шкафу на выбранную, чтобы не рестартить каждый раз если тебе выпало не то оружие. Скачать можешь во вкладке с ресурсами