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A lie?. A lot of runners here did a lot of tests about the differences, I talked with different PC runners.
When CHN version came out every people got better times just for the texts over his JPN version runs.
You're an amazing runner @orchlon1 but try to be more respectful if you want to argument. When I saw "retarded" it was really annoying.

Edit: Some people told me there's only 20 secs in some categories, but it's still a big difference so it's unfair for JPN runs competing with CHN.

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Using your point though, why would runners intentionally choose to be on a leaderboard that gives them an inferior position over what is essentially a technicality (shorter text), over a leaderboard (Japanese runs competing against Japanese runs) that gives them a more accurate and fair ranking where the only separation is a players' performance?


Can I just point out that most of these JPN runs are actually obselete runs because people have already beaten them with the EA version. So this competition you are missing out on barely exists.


@RebeccaRE I should've put that more delicately, but it is a lie, I'm sorry. If other runners told you that, then they lied.

@FurryWulfz Because it's where the main competition is. And with the boards I'm proposing they can choose to not submit into the main board if they want to, this would just open the door for someone to potentially claim some top spots in the middle of the main copmetition. As I've said even with the handicap, it's still possible to beat my or wusscake's time. Other categories even more so, my nemesis% time could easily be claimed with the japanese version, if someone does beat it, I want that time to beat mine instead of being relegated to a secondary category.

@Darazanjoll I'm saying keep the door open

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Dont you see that even if we would grant you that then eventually in the future JPN would become completly obselete on the "main board".


I was going to keep opened this thread until tomorrow in order receiving questions of why the separation but I wasn't expecting getting this.

@orcholn1 you've received many answers from Darazanjoll, StevenMayte and Furrywulfz

- The runs can coexist in the same leaderboards? NO the runs can't coexist in the same leaderboards and you know perfectly why the EA Taiwanese version is the most played actually, I won't repeat the answer of any of the other people who posted here, you can read it again without problems as many times as you want. This is for having a fair competition and not having an stupid thing if "I have the fastest run of all the PC version"

- 30-40? That's a lie

Then run the fucking PC version and get a fucking 41:30 vs the CHN and you can talk about both versions are the same

- "I'm not against the separation" then why do you want to start a drama? You have your competence in your leaderboards. All this thing should've never happened if 1st of all this thing of the EA Taiwanese wasn't accepted, neither of the old mods asked by accepting this version and they just put it in mixed with all this leaderboards that looked pretty and leaves the JPN completely OBSOLETE FOR PLAYING IT

The runs are NOT DELETED and WE WON'T ERASE THE CHN runs because is too late, so instead of that we've decided separate them. Considering that NOBODY could get that CHN version of the game.

For concluding, you're totally free of running whichever version you want, only the listed in this thread and I'M AGAISNT of mixing all the leaderboards again. This whole thing of CHN made just getting FREE WRs and if you think that JPN isn't obsolete then why do you think they're too far of the top times of CHN just because of something called TEXT

EDIT: And thanks to the guy who gave to Orchlon1 a like (you don't even run the game)

I'll close this thread right now. Thanks everyone for your answers.

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I'm gonna open this thread again and i want to ask an apologize from my part. Some people who i was talking to, they're right about my post, i was rude with you and i'm sorry, everything we posted its just for having a fair competence on the leaderboards, i know and i respect of you Aaron, Orchlon and everyone who got affected with my comments. I respect your point about using filters on a mixed leaderboards with different regions of the game, but think about this method not always solves some issues that we have with the leaderboards.

I reiterate my apologizes to you after my rude post, and i hope you understand this. We're here for doing what is good for the game and try to make fair for everyone.

Feel free asking anything you want to know about the change, if you need answers we'll give you without problems. 🙂

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I think it makes all the sense separating CHN and JPN. By not doing so I believe you are alienating alot of JAP runners simply because they cannot compete when it comes to top times. Remember that all the JPN runners cannot get the CHN version due to strict copyright laws, and that the version is nearly impossible to get. A JPN player can simply not get WR with an optimized JPN version run vs an optimized CHN version run.

Good job mods for trying to include everyone 🙂

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No problem, Julian. Thank you.

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thats starting to becoming really annoying. JUST RUN THE FUCKING GAME. gez

to me, you can separate all that thing, us, chn, jpn, eu, korean, maori...

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I'd run if there was an English version category. 😛

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  [user deleted]

I particularly loved the separation of categories, I think the more categories we have to compete the more competitors we will have.
I'm already thinking about starting to run the categories of the JPN version, I think the decision to split was wise.

see you, friends

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I love this changes ! ❤️

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@Lillyella in the newest version of Srt it will Works in both of Versions Ch and Jap its the same thing


@Lillyella the big diference is the text skip in taiwan you have advantage on that, in the Taiwan version can be save 30 secs or more than Japonese version



I am not good at English, so I'm sorry if my answer differs from the intention of your question.

Although the Chinese version can give faster time than the Japanese version, on the other hand, it is much harder to obtain compared with the Japanese version.

And, based on the background that Japan's copyright law is stricter than other countries, Japanese do not have the option of obtaining and using the Chinese version by means which is not legitimate purchase.

As a result, Japanese players could not play in the Chinese version. The situation that the Chinese version and the Japanese version are the same category becomes unfair for Japanese players who can use only Japanese version.


Im curious why the Xplosive or NA Capcom versions are not the required or accepted version for a run. We all know the JPN version is much easier (hard is like easy on the NA/EU) Not to mention in the rules it says you can use EU/NA SourceNext but there is no such thing. The SourceNext version was a JPN only. Or are we expected to run the game in Chinese or Japanese? Or are we allowed to mod the SourceNext which opens a whole new can of worms since the translation patches are buggy


The category called 'PC' accepts NA/EU region. The ruling states Mediakite and Sourcenext Japanese version, any EU/NA version is fine.

Japan is the standard because it's the fastest version outside of Chinese, which is separated for "political" reasons of which are including no one being able to actually buy copies of the official version, as well as the Japanese being unable to compete on it due to heavier piracy laws.

Japanese version also contains Arrange Mode which is identical to the NA/EU versions Hard mode. So it has more freedom for choice.


What I don't understand is, if you can easily access the chinese version, why would you choose to run the japanese version, you're running an inferior version of the game, you're running a version where there's no good competition, and you're running a version filled with year old times with basically free world records. Some people are actually regressing from the Chinese version to the Japanese, meaning they had no problem playing the Chinese version before.


I've always been against Chinese ver and the reason I stayed with Japanese ver is that I didnt want to gain time just by playing with faster text. I also wanted to play a version that everyone could play insteed of making it impossible for an entire country (japan) to not be able to compete with the rest of us.

I dont know why other people leave the chinese version but I would guess its because of the 2nd reason I gave. They want to compete with everyone and I hope that they are starting to realise that adding china in the first place wasnt the greatest idea.
SourceNext and MediaKite was used before china and there was no question at all over their legitimacy. Now we know there are tons of difference Chinese releases and it gets very hard to know which version is a official release and which is a fake. If people go back to MediaKite they dont have to worry/care about these things.

Anyway thats my two cents, people are free to run whatever they want.