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PC standard

After days of debate of the different versions submitted for RE3 PC we've decided ONLY accepting the following accepted versions:

- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis JPN Mediakite/Sourcenext
- EA Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Taiwanese)
- Sourcenext EUR and USA

If you submit any other different version of the game that isn't in this list will be immediately rejected. Since this could mess up all the leaderboards we're gonna keep a single standard of which versions are the most played in the community.

This rule start right now, we're not gonna accept runs of other regions or different CHN and JPN regions with different things that the current WRs show in their videos.

Separating JPN and CHN

Also after discussing the possibility of separating JPN and CHN since the difference between text is bigger than we had on mind, we've decided separate JPN runs and CHN runs in 2 tabs, and the runs were moved to their own leaderboards. Thanks to Darazanjoll for doing this change. All your runs were totally moved, if you're missing a run please resubmit it for verifying since we've found runs with no video

The other consoles we're accepting any region of the game.

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nice work, dara.

all japanese players think you are a god.

merci beaucoup.



Seperating the japanese and chinese versions is the most retarded change ever.

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@Orchlon How so?
This change doesnt affect anyone at all in a negative way.
The most retarded goes to the reason why and how China got added in the first place.

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It splits the competition unnecessarily, and gives the impression that the chinese and the japanese are different enough that it warrants seperating it, which they aren't.

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Although there are many points that the Chinese version and the Japanese version have in common, on the other hand, there are significant differences in elements related to the superiority of game play, I think there are aspects that can be said to be quite different games.

Therefore, I think that the categorization of this time is reasonable.

Of course, I think that you are still a great runner.

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Console versions have significant enough differences from PC where it warrants seperating the leaderboards, this does not. The difference between is 13 seconds? That's a figure I've heard frequently cited.


@orchlon1 No, the difference is 30-40 seconds between JPN and CHN version

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Also when CHN version came out, every person got a "free PB" just because of CHN over JPN texts. It was unfair all the time and the leaderboard change doesn't affect anything, they were just separated and people can play jpn and chn versions without any problem.

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Well i mean if you have no intrest in the japanese mediakite version you don't even need to look at that part of the leaderboard.

It's that simple.

Also it doesn't split competition because the 2 versions can't compete against eachother. This change has been a long time coming and should've been this way when china was first introduced.

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The changes of the leaderboard it was necessary cause everyone knows wich is the diferences from each other.To me it is interesting new possibilities of runs.

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This wouldn't even have needed to happen had some kind of vote for Chinese being done around the time it was found.

Instead it was just stealthily added to the boards without a word, even so to the point that some illegitimate, modified versions (non-EA) got added into the mix.

Chinese being added into the mix also literally split the competition between the Japanese and the West. It was made clear a lot of Japanese players would not touch the Chinese version on account of:

1. It being nearly, if not, impossible to buy. There's simply too many bootlegs on the market, on top of it being rare as fuck as is. Also, it was extremely difficult to prove its legitimacy, and mods have still been getting questionable runs done on various different Chinese versions submitted to them.

2. Piracy laws being much stronger over there than the West.

All the split did was give fairness between the two versions. Like Steven said, if you don't wanna run Japanese, then continue running China as is. No one is stopping you, nor is this change.

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30-40 seconds difference? That's a straight up lie. Maybe between the Chinese and US version.

I'm not against having a japanese leaderboard, I'm against splitting the leaderboard. You can have a japanese only leaderboard all you want, but change the existing Chinese leaderboard into an Any region leaderboard and put all the runs back in, so even if people are unwilling to run the chinese version, they should still be able to compete.

Edit: I'm not complaining because this change affects me directly, but it definitely keeps potential competition away from me.

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So move the only 2 runs on the entire board (1US and 1EU) to the China tab?
and then I guess change the names to PC and PC (JPN) ?

also I wanna point out that these 2 runs are the only nonjapanese/chinese Ive seen in like 4 years iirc

Im I understanding this correctly? cause it seems like you think there are loads of non japanese runs on the JPN board atm.


No, put every run, including japanese into the main PC category, and make the JPN category exclusive to japanese only. If I could only play the japanese version, I'd still want to be on the main leaderboards with the handicap. As difficult it may be, it is possible to get WR with the japanese version, and even more so to get a good time like sub 42.


To clarify, japanese runs would exist on both the PC and PC (JPN) tab, assuming that's how they're named

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So runs on mediakite would be on both?



Well the mods shouldn't have to duplicate everything I guess, but people who choose to compete with the japanese version should be allowed to submit to the main board.


They can submit though.

There is no 'main board'.


What do you mean they can? They can't, the way it is now chinese runs go into the chinese leaderboard and japanese runs go into the japanese leaderboard.