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I’m not trying to be funny but I can’t figure out how you go so fast with RE3 speedruns.

I just ran, a pretty great city, no mistakes, safsprin, clean circle plate pick up (pushed all down like dominoes collect and ran past without them getting up), perfect battery pick up (no damage), alley dodges x 2, the quick turn dodge after crank going to the station lol. Pharmacy did not execute the dodge at the door which was not the best, but aside from that - good. Dogs as well, no biting. My dics were good and my door skipping was good I got that ‘chk’ sounds on the slow. Menus are good, not sloppy.

My train crash was still a pretty mediocre 20:30. Even with good luck, execution. Felt like textbook city but I’m still 90 seconds below top tier lol. Feels really bad haha.

My game is super laggy at times. I don’t know how much that affects things.

Anyway, this is hard - respect for the speed runners haha don’t know how you do it.


Its probably just movement and menuing. you'd be suprised how much time you save by doing it perfectly

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im not telling this is your case but, i don't think there is a thread about it
you actually lose 0.5 per slow door if your game is lagging like that, playing on SSD can fix that or if you emulate an SSD using RamDisk
im talkin about the lag where your game freeze and not that fps drop
the fps drop doesnt cost time

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If you want to know where you can save time you should record a run so we can see.

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Movement, menus, dics, puzzle execution, quickshots, lot of little things that adds up.

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Thanks for the advices! I’ll be back, will get my times down 🙂


skip doors, menus, line, puzzles always