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Hello guys! I've noticed many problems running the game "EA Taiwan" on Windows 7 and 10. On 7 there's random slowdowns but no apparently input lag. On 10 there's both. I've also tested on XP 32 & 64 bits, but there's audio problems even with basic hardware acceleration, and my AMD 7790 video driver crashes randomly--anyway there's no input lag and random slowdowns. On Vista it seems to run flawlessly. Other versions of the game have the same problem. Any suggestions? I really appreciate. Thanks!


as far as i know the game should run good in all the os you tested, maybe you should try using a default window resolution which produce less input lag (i use 640x480 which gives me good results and no difference in all the os) other runners like WolfDNC mention that running the game at full screen looks better.

about the audio problems i don't know why you have that issue, i've watched a lot of streamers with W10 (Wusscake, WolfDNC and FurryWulfz) with the same os and the audio is without issue, must be something with the audio settings of your game pressing F5 you open the panel and check the audio/video tabs.

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Thank you so much for the help, Julian. First of all, let me explain that the sound issue is only on Windows XP, because lowering the hardware sound acceleration is needed in some machines--and even then the sound isn't perfect--you can experience some sound clicks. Second point is that I follow and watch a lot of RE3 runners which has mainly random slowdowns sometimes--I already noticed this even in Wusscake races. Anyway, I finally figured out that part of the problem's caused by the number of CPU cores used for the game. On Windows 10 I set 3 of 6 cores and now the game runs better but not perfect. I hope it can help a lot of runners facing the same or similiar problem. Below some settings and recommendations. Sorry about my bad english--hehe. Take care and keep ~fast~ the good work! 😃

Game/process settings:
Compatibility - Windows 98/Me or Windows Vista SP1
CPU afinnity - 3 of 6 Cores "CPU 0/1/2"
Desktop resolution: 1600x900
Game resolution - 960x720 Windowed

My system specs:
Windows 10 Pro x64 "all updates 5/1/2017"
AMD FX 6100 @4GHz
AMD XFX HD 7790 Core Edition
AMD Driver: 17.4.4

Note: Use the software Process Lasso that's a "Process Priority Saver" to save the CPU afinnity, so you don't need to configure the CPU cores everytime you re-open the game. And if you still having issues, play the game on Windows 98/Me or Windows Vista SP2.

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Thanks for sharing this results networkags 🙂 hope this help to other runners when the game don't work with the provided on the guides.


Run the game FULLSCREEN it will be faster overall specially puzzles.

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