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Currently, as far as I know, two versions are being ran:

1. The version Wolf found, which has the splash screen w/ blood on it. This came packaged with a cheat engine for the game. I believe, so far at least, this one has been confirmed to be bootleg.

2. The Ubisoft one both Supergamer and Wolf found. This is the one that comes with the 'BUTTON' folder in it, and the suspicious looking .exe's. Although the game has a regular splash screen.

The EA one I just got looks to be exactly the same as the Mediakite version, besides a lot of files being uncompressed. The Mediakite version had a lot of files compressed into .dat files, such as images, whereas none of these seem to be like that. Possibly in these companies doing this, they maybe screwed up transparency on the moveable objects? But it'd be interesting knowing the real reason for this.

Personally, I'd love to be able to get hands onto the .ISO for the Ubisoft version, rather than one that has been pretampered with and had extra folders / .exe added to it. If only for safety sake. At the end of the day, none of know what these programs are, or what their purpose is, especially in terms having added preemptively before being put on these sites. Until we can do so I'm just gonna stick with the EA version myself.


@DudleyC_ go as fast as you want me ol' China.

Just separate China from Japan and everyone can be happy.


I second Dara's proposal, especially if Japanese runs are still gonna be counted as WRs separate from Chinese. It makes sense to do so. And it doesn't unfairly penalize Japanese players.


FurryWulfz - the folders that are unpacked were related to the 'rooms' for the game so that's why you can see the backgrounds in the 'BSS' folders as those manage the actual background packs for sections of the game.

For general reference on the file formats -

The ROFS.dat archives would've needed to be unpacked to localize the game in the first place as the RDTs (room data) were off the top of my head, packed into them and those are what would've needed to be changed.

So there's probably some sort of error in how the game was modified (that is, the new text and font tables needing to be inserted and things needing to be modified per room) that's caused it or it could just be a rendering problem when you consider the age of the games.

Either way, they are certainly a different (although regional) version so I don't understand why they would be grouped together into one with that in mind - like would this be used as a basis in the fact that other titles in the series do also have known official regional versions too to make adjustments in the future to make it easier to keep the leaderboards correct without negatively impacting people if more regional versions are used in general?


Also totally unrelated, but where did you find that Fiona Belli skin, Enetirnel, and do you know which file in specific is Jill's skin? Just interested in changing skins.


Generally most leaderboards don't separate regional, only platform. Only because current format of makes things look super messy and impractical when everything is separated. Best that really can be done is, for example, RE2 with its leaderboard. Separating to that degree is practical, but anything past that it just looks abysmal really.

Best you can really do with regions is using the region filter on the sidebar.


FurryWulfz, I made it a number of years ago and as for that Jill's files are split into a couple of different ones (due to the change when you get the extra pouch gear) but - pl00, pl01 are Jill's default costume files.

You also have Tofu (I think this was pl0f in the first data folder) and other things sitting in the files that you can use for a general swap. PS1 version's costume files are compatible with any PC version of 3 if you have any problems with the PLDs in the game. Ignore the 'pl##CH' files as those are mainly incomplete as they're from an earlier version of the game, although in the Taiwan version there is a default Jill file with a different face which was also in the early model versions too.

Aha, that makes sense. Just figured I'd ask as I have some regional versions of other things as it's just a little confusing to look at from a non-runner perspective as to me I wasn't sure if things could only be done with particular copies of things and if that was the case, if someone used an official regional copy if it would be considered to be invalid and rejected when things are grouped in together.

Like, not relevant games but in the PAL territory - Clock Tower 2 has an individual English release, but there's also dedicated French and German releases and they're differentiated by their catalog numbers as the English version is not the typical multi-language that we see currently, and then under the NTSC-J umbrella on the PS2 is Clock Tower 3 in having a Korean version too.

That's all I was curious about as if that was the case for someone restricted to a particular region, like the Japanese players that it seems unfair if other times are done on particular versions that bloat out their version or to not have their version counted as it's technically not the "main" one.

But again, that's just coming from someone not currently running - this is something I've been curious about for a while as I would like to start but have been wary about which versions of things I use in the first place.

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Thanks, managed to mess about with the PLDs and even found Dario in there. lol

Separating versions would be possible but on as it is it wouldn't really be viable. The version we usually tell people to get is the Platinum release of Mediakite, as this seems to be the fastest version for Japan. The later Mediakite versions, tested by Roofress, were all found to load slower.


Well, if things are run with a regional version as they are at their base from a particular region what I was curious about is that would they be considered valid or invalid as a run for the game on a particular platform if the version they're using is their actual local version instead of the version being recommended which is despite being effectively grouped into the same classic console territory groups (like NTSC-U, J, PAL) but is a totally different regional version and most likely, language?

We know 3 isn't the only one with other language versions as the first three games and Gun Survivor have had localized releases and while they're nowhere near as common as the usual Japanese, US or European versions they are still around. So what would people using regional versions have to do in that situation - mark it as the closest region like UK or Japan and then make note of their actual regional version in this, or would that be disruptive to the actual regional leaderboards as is the case with the Japanese runners being restricted by respecting the law?

This is the only reason why I haven't gotten into speedrunning things because I have physical releases from multiple regions that are official purely from collecting things, and while I'm not fussed about which version I play - I'm just not sure where the standing is in that for particular circumstances without negatively impacting anyone by choosing to play a particular version of a game in my physical possession what things should be logged as, especially so if it was a person who was (in comparison to my circumstance) only playing their actual region's version of the game?

Or would that be just down to it being a factor of if and/or when it could happen that this same discussion would happen again?

I know, I'm likely just being pedantic about this but I figured I may as well ask as I have no idea about it.


I'm not sure, as far as RE2 goes and RE1, RE2 versions that we could find pre-Sourcenext (Platinum, Mediakite) both had game breaking crashes that would frequently happen and could not be avoided. Currently, we know Sourcenext RE2 to be the most stable version of the game. (That we can find) If any of these other regions were based off of pre-Sourcenext, chances are they would also suffer from these same crashes.

RE1 was so broken on all versions we could find. Game speed was too fast, timer was broken and didn't tick correctly on the menus and so many more. A runner called Supergamer actually made a patch for the PC version of Mediakite that completely fixed all of these. So in terms of RE1, a new version/region is most likely out of question for PC unless someone, or SG, can make remake an appropriate patch.

As far as others I can't say, as I don't really play those.


Mag makes a good point. The evidence is pretty solid for EA and UbiSoft is very slim in comparison.
How do you know that the ISO ( oh wait it's a folder right?) you are using right now for the Ubisoft version is the same version as that amazon post? EA, MediaKite and SourceNext has been demonstrated to be legit with physical discs.

EA should replace the current version until Ubisoft gets the same kind of evidence like EA/MediaKite/SourceNext


The Ubi Soft version is listed on Amazon with an ISBN number. I'd happily buy it but it's out of stock. I also don't have enough leave from work to fly to China to search for the physical copy. Running the EA version is moot since it is slower than the Ubi Soft version. Also, adding another board doesn't make any sense as we already have the option to sort by region.



Have your tried to search for that ISBN number or did you take it for granted that it was genuine?

I tried to search for it last night without finding anything. Most of the ISBN numbers these days are used for books and maybe they were also used for games in the past.

I'm not gonna stop there though, I'll get some help from someone from china to try to track it down.


It is on here:

too, says this at bottom additionally:


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there you have it, one of the rares version of Bio3 and starting bid is 2 dollars.

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Thank you everyone for your information.

In Japan, it seems to be sold directly from the following sites.

I did not know whether it was the real thing until a product arrived and used it, but was able to really order a product by collect on delivery.


@keny did you actually get the game?

Could you stream it or upload pictures of the game? 😃
Like pictures of the box, CD, installation window, ingame fotage etc


Sorry, Darazanjoll.

I do not know the method to stick a direct image on this forum.

So I upload images on my Twitter, and stick the URL.

Can you look at the images?
(I hide a part of my e-mail address.)

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yeah we can see the pictures.

if you got more pictures when you get the game then add an extra row between the links so its easier to see them like:

1. [url.....picture.....blablabla....

2. [url.....picture.....blablabla....



I show pictures by the method that you told me, as soon as detailed information becomes available.

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