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For the sake of making this easier, I've taken some screenshots of the version Faiarrow has nudged over to Dudley. It's the same version that I picked up a few years back.

As I'm not currently using my computer, but rather one I'm borrowing - I haven't installed all of the language packs but it will display the text properly if you have them installed.

Directory of the disc itself from an iso of it:

The launcher (START.exe)

From the top -

Run the game options
Install Biohazard 3
Uninstall Biohazard 3
Install DirectX 6
Install DirectMedia
Exit launcher

Installation screen:

Default directory will be Program Files/CAPCOM/BIOHAZARD3, it shouldn't be asking for registry access either. There are a couple of slight options in there, just go with the first option and install.

If you toss all of the files from the disc into a particular directory and run the installer from there, it'll automatically sort out the file pointers for you and you won't require a disc in the drive to run it.

Splash screen and the intro loop video (it's a gif) :

Main Menu:

The Mercenaries Menu:

In-Game (no transparent rendering items or alpha channel problems) :

The game's backgrounds are actually 640x480 which is twice the original resolution which if you want everything nice and crisp will be 320x240 but the thing is that the backgrounds in the updated files are actually the larger resolution ones.

I've previously had a problem with one of the English versions throwing out an error with a crash on one of the ROFS archives and had to unpack them before to correct the problem and the game's ini file can be redirected to the individual folder directories when that's been done as that was the general workaround for it.

This version - the EA boxed one, does not include any game saves, cheats such as infinite ammo or an included trainer or cheat engine table. I don't know where people were having transparent texture problems or glitches but from a quick playthrough to the RPD I haven't seen any transparency errors, but I will say that there ARE transparency options in the game's ini file and there's optimization options.

It's things like that and problems with fullscreen/windowed mode occasionally - it's likely the horrible laptop I'm currently using to type this up being the stem of that problem, but the config menu is hit or miss on it displaying properly. It didn't display properly in other versions of the game for me, this version displayed properly when I last went through it back in 2014 so if it cuts off - use the ini file in the game's directory to map out your different controls.

I dug out my notes from when I last went over this version:

The underside of this version's disc is marked as BIOHAZARD3, I don't recall seeing any other catalog numbers, SKU, ISBN and so-on on the packaging. The disc and manual's trademark details specify that this is a 2003 version.

The manual makes references to other titles localized in Taiwan. Has info and reference for the old EA Asia Publishing/Localization division - contact info is correct, site URL now redirects to "EA Asia" - none of the games listed in the manual are on the website out of EA's own stuff in their current distribution lineup.

I have also seen marketing for this EA budget lineup in old magazines from the region, but I don't have a thorough log of magazines I've picked up from the region as I focused mainly on regional issues of things like Famitsu's Taiwan versions.

These were with my old notes, so I do apologize for the potato-like quality.

Disc photo:

Manual front and back:

I can't seem to find my photos of the exterior box, so unfortunately that'll have to do.

The small circle above the Capcom logo is the old EA distribution logo for the region, it's just hard to actually see it there.

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Thanks again to Enetirnel and faiarrow for their efforts and contributions regarding this topic.

The Chinese/Taiwan with the Ubi Soft splash screen is legit.

Wolf is testing the EA distribution now. It seems to not run as smooth as the Ubi Soft version. It looks to behave similar to the Mediakite version with input lag but only a tad bit faster because of text.

The only thing left now is what to do with the runs on the board that were ran with the pirated Chinese version. I wouldn't be so quick to discredit them it seems to run quite similar to the Ubi Soft version. I think the only difference aside from the splash screens is that the pirated copy has low res backgrounds for some rooms.

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Ubisoft seems legit yep


Thank you for doing this Enetirnel. So far this version seems to be far more legit then the current versions people are using. This is the kind of evidence people need in order to atleast start a evaluation.

1 problem or a contradiction that i saw immediately was that the disk says "Capcom Co. LTD 2001-2003, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. yet the title of the game gives you the years 1999-2000.

EDIT: Sorry if i missed anything but when was Ubisoft established as legit? is there any more evidence then the picture that was posted yesterday?

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The Ubi one is the one version I've not had a physical version of (from this region) so I wasn't sure which would run better but at least things are easier to narrow down what is what.

It would be nice to be able to pin down a date for the Ubi version, or at least a year to figure out the version order of these without having to go through the files.

I did find some dodgy looking ISOs earlier yesterday which were posted up with the Ubi release details, though one in that mix was quite clearly a US version of Resident Evil and I assume that set is probably the same as the also dodgy looking physical copy I saw on Gmarket for 1/2/3 as the first one was being labelled as director's cut which isn't possible for the first game.

So I'd just be on the lookout if getting physical copies for inconsistencies as that seems to be the one being referenced for the bootleg versions.

As for that, sorry I didn't see your reply Darazanjoll as I was making some food - the PC version's menu in other versions (including when you dig up the TIM textures for the menu leftovers of the sample Tokyo Game Show version) are all dated as 1999-2000.

The menu texture images are at a smaller resolution to the background so I always figured they never bothered changing them out because it's not like the menu needs to run at a better resolution.

There's other older files like incomplete models marked out with the 'ch' bit at the end of their filename and other stuff floating around, this version and the other PC versions can also use files from the PS1 version so that's another reason why I figured it was never changed. I can dump the TIMs out if you want me to?

You can see this going on in the MediaKite release briefly in this video on YouTube:

For the dates on the disc - we know there was originally a PC release in a large softbox back in 2001, and this was dated as the 2003 release. So with this being based off the original Japanese release that's why we have the date differences as even the Korean version wasn't released until 2001 and I think it likely used the same menus.

I'm fairly certain they haven't changed the dates on other menus in other budget releases, so that's nothing new there. Like the MediaKite version was released repeatedly with different catalog numbers between 2000 and 2004 in Japan (at minimum, referencing Crimson Ceremony/Lost Releases as I know Anders is generally on point with his date info).

Pointless to change the data out if they're pressing the same version on the game as it's just a reissue of it.

I just wanted to try and help clear some stuff up, though Faiarrow deserves the thanks for fishing out their copy in the first place. 🙂

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Dara, please read through the thread and tell me what more evidence is needed? Shall we await the email from Capcom Asia? It honestly seems like I'm the only one besides Enetirnel and faiarrow that's providing anything worth a damn.



What more evidence is needed? so we have 2 pictures of the Ubisoft version and if they are infact legit theres no way the current iso's people use came straight from that version. Clearly it was modified inbetween like adding trainer, adding unlimited ammo at the start and removal of the guide books.

Did you miss the 2 big posts made by Enetirnel? Now compare that with what we have for the Ubisoft version.

I've been trying to find stuff that would support the Ubisoft version but I havnt found anything that would be worth putting forward. When/If I get a reply from capcom ill post it so Andy can translate it.

Lastly since im not convinced that the ubisoft version is legit that doesnt necessarily mean I'm convinced its a knockoff. There's alot of shady things about the version and if I did claim that its a knockoff then I would require proof like an aswer from capcom for example.

The ones who make a positive claim have the burden of proof, so dont complain to me that you have to provide proof for its legitimacy.

EDIT: I might have mixed up the trainer, ulimited ammo and books with the other version. However we're still stuck with the download only version. Best way to prove its legitimacy is either a answer from capcom or a physical disc that people could share and test.

To the ones who believe or just dont care if this version is legit. Wouldn't you rather have this sorted now with solid evidence so this discussion doesn't come back? you know like you should've done before it got added to the leaderboard without even having a thread about it?


I think we need to just look at the root of why this is even a topic of discussion in the first place: The RE3 Ubi Soft version should not be allowed because it is not "legitimate" and it would be uneven grounds for runners not using this version because it is inaccessible(?).

Are we not the rule makers for this leaderboard? It's not like the Mediakite version was any easier to come by. Just because one dude bought it on Amazon doesn't really mean shit. We can make the Ubi Soft version available to those who would like to speedrun it. It's that simple.

Whatever the outcome, I'm gonna keep running the game regardless.



Japanese runners dont download copyrighed material due to strict law.
Mediakite was bought from Japan and then shared so yes it was way way easier to come by (for everybody).

"Are we not the rule makers for this leaderboard?"
when you say "we" are you talking about the mods or the RE3 community? I'm guessing you mean the mods cause there was no open discussion when the china version was added in the first place. And no mods are NOT the rule makers for a game, rulemaking comes down to logic and discussions between all of the runners within the community.

EDIT: and the fact that one dude bought it from amazon (especially when it came from japan) means everything

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Thank you for the outstanding evidence proving that the china version is legit. All honestly, why are people BabyRage like... only 6 people actually run this game (not including myself) but i do try to play it from time to time, just because something might not work for you doesn't mean things should be thrown on the table like this. Lets just play to have fun and woop some nemi ass.


Because the product which DudleyC_ found is already out of stock, it is impossible of the purchase.

The fact sold in the Amazon proves that this version is not an illegal copy, but, is not a thing proving whether a version used with this board purchased it officially.

For the runner of the country where the use of the product which is not the fair purchase is prohibited, it causes remarkable unfairness to accept the use of this version.

I agree to the opinion of Magn00zl, too.

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The logic that is presented right now is that because I don't own a physical copy of the game I shouldn't run it. Do you guys honestly think that the Ubi Soft version isn't a legit version. This is turning into a "I want to be right even though I don't run this game"



wrong, whats presented is that nobody owns a physical copy of the game.
Is the Ubi Soft version legit or not? the answer is we dont know and that is the problem.

"I want to be right even though I don't run this game"
While its true that i dont actively run this game I did run it quite alot before any of the current RE3 runners came to the game and I try it out from time to time.
Back then we used a wiki for the leaderboards, most people who ran RE2 also ran RE3 and believe it or not there wasnt one community for each game back then, that started when everything moved to speedruncom.

I do agree that anybody who's never ran the game doesnt have a say in any rule changings or discussions except when it comes to specific discussions that doesnt require you to run the game, like leaderboard layout and such.

another important thing that ive stated many times now is if it turnes out that Ubi Soft is 100% legit then what will happen with all the old and new Japanese runners? Can anybody please answer this?


Darazanjoll, thank you care about the Japanese runners.

There are two aspects, as legal and moral.

Japan's copyright law, the following acts will be illegal.

1. By using the copyrighted work without permission without obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.

2. Distribute the copies while they know that it is an unauthorized copy of or (regardless of whether a fee or free of charge, copies of refers to the transfer, rent or lease to the public a), act and to possession for the purpose of distribution, copyright act to modify the rights management information of the conditions of the attached rights of the information and use license to things deliberately.

3. Even for private use, and you knew that has been uploaded without permission, and if you work to download, etc. knew that has been provided and presentation for a fee, in the automatic public transmission from the site performing digital recordings.

From the above, if there is no way to obtain this product on a legally valid route, Japanese runners can not use this.

And, morally, in Japan, there is a national character that severe for the illegal act.

If Japanese runner play game, it was obtained by illegal route, not only legal penalized, will undergo social sanction, it would not be able to continue playing game.

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Mods could you at least make two subcategories for Japan and China?
With Japan being displayed by default for obvious reasons I won't mention again.


The only thing I am curious about is what this 'BUTTON' folder is in the Ubi version with pictures of check out signs and stuff. As well as the other .exe in there (not related to Bio3), which Roo ran and found to do nothing.

I mean yeah not a big deal, but when there's a random .exe in there from China that does nothing when you run it, it seems kind of odd.


It may seem insensitive, but I'm sorry that Japanese runners are unable to run the Chinese version. While it is very difficult to find this version of the game, that doesn't mean that we should totally invalidate it. Why can't I run the Chinese version and let the Japanese runners run their respective version? It's like subjecting all runners around the world to play on PAL.

We already know what times the Japanese version is capable of. Even if there is a faster Chinese version run, it doesn't discredit the runs from the Japanese version. Hell, even though Wusscake beat my time using the Chinese version, I still know my run on the Japanese version is just as impressive.

I just wanna go fast. Let me go fast, Dara.



So I recorded a quck vid on the EA version, first off confirming transparent objects are still a thing (the pushable objects), so now we know this isn't a case of the version being bootleg but instead just a bad port job:

Also, text in these versions is different, so this proves these are indeed different versions from different regions and one isn't just a rip with a Ubi splash put in etc:

Find the corresponding spot in the video above and compare it to these: (Somehow) (I'm still alive) (Intro text)

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Both versions can now be found on the RE General Discord, if anyone wishes to try either out.

In terms of grabbing physical copies, it's unlikely. They appear to be very rare (RE3 Korean in mint condition with all items can go for $2000 on some sites), so chances are it'll be collectors that will own this now.

Can anyone clarify if these versions were rare in China / Taiwan? As in, rare to the point only a couple hundred were ever made?


Thank you for doing the comparison, FurryWulfz!

I have no idea why there's the transparent problem going on, I was more involved in doing reskin things for the games and was surprised to find the EA one as the ROFS files hadn't needed to be unpacked to be able to access the character models so it was really easy to edit the textures. Went through my old Photobucket account and dug this out of my modded screenshots just to show that at some stage these weren't always transparent:

It's probably possible to figure out how to fix it, but I doubt anyone wants to bother with fiddling around with the files.

As for the 'button' folder floating around - there may be the chance that there's a bootleg version of the Ubisoft distributed one floating around that's been repacked with stuff like a trainer and so-on, it's really hard to be able to say without that version on-hand to reference.

It wouldn't be particularly surprising though.

[EDIT] As for rarity, that's pretty much unknown as there's very little documentation on these releases as it is so production numbers or sales numbers are unknown but the Taiwan versions are more commonly seen on Ruten Taiwan and Yahoo Auctions Taiwan as well.

I have seen more copies of the full softbox version than any other, though I've seen by now a good five or six of the EA re-release. Loose copies I've seen plenty of (over 20 by now in the last couple of years), full box is much more uncommon. Have only seen one sealed.

As Faiarrow did mention, 3 was rather popular so it does make sense to have had more in terms of production in contrast to the Gun Survivor PC version from Taiwan with that in mind alone.