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Trance you go on and on about the click bait shit when you literally copied the same thumbnail of my video and just pasted it onto your video and then proceed to use a click bait photo on nearly every one of your speedrun videos after... bawkCorn

If the Chinese version is indeed rejected that just means that I have the WR dudsLmao


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@DudleyC_, I respect you, and I think you are great runner, but , "悪霊古堡3" and "生化危机3" are different versions.

I think it does not mean that "生化危机3" is legal because "悪霊古堡3" exists practically.

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That EA version would be nice to test out.
but it claims to be developed/produced from EA and not Ubisoft like the current China version claims. Except for that version that has the mercenaries intro, you know the one with the REmaster icon in its folder.

And why is the title displayed twice on the manual and disc?
Never seen that before.

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Just to prove that fact.

Instead of taking WR out of the title, you put in description "Japanese WR"


I'm not saying that the EA version is proof of the Dysin Interactive Corp. version being legitimate. @faiarrow brought the other Taiwan version to my attention. I just thought it was interesting that there -possibly- could be an even better copy of the game.

Trance, this is turning into an attack on me specifically. Get a life, man. There's more out there than just how fast you can beat Sniper Elite.



So if you can claim WR for JP and WR for CHN then seperation between the versions would be the best.... for now


Separating JPN / CHN could be a middle ground solution, for now.

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JP and CHN version in the same way is insane. CHN version has a lot of advantage because of the texts.
I'm agree with @Darazanjoll, It's the best decision for now.

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  [user deleted]

^ ok... i agree, i think it´s the best option for now, separate both versions.


In Japan, there are a lot of excellent runners.
However, all Japanese runners do not use an illegal copy.

Therefore I think the existence of the illegal version to be unfair for them.

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I'm just throwing in my two cents here, but the doubled-up title isn't uncommon especially with this particular game. There is even a legitimate Korean version that has a similar bit here, it's also lacking a catalog number beyond the matrix on the disc -

There's another large, softbox version that appears to be the original version of 3 that has the same style as that Korean one above, but the Korean version also has had a budget repacked release as well.

So there are more PC versions of 3 around than what is listed on here, so with that in mind it's probably best to keep the versions apart.


Yeah, Furry and I have been digging around for images of it. There's even Korean releases for the first two games by the same company. Korean meta OpieOP ?


If you have access to em Enetirnel then test em play em share your thoughts. And I agree with keny about been unfair to everyone out there in Japan that actually get the copies and all, but the people around here that got Mediakite the same way everyone else talking about "I couldn't get it or not accesible" dudsLmao like come on you could of gotten the CHN version the same way you got that Mediakite version xD lol Keny message me on twitch, twitter or discord.


Quite honestly, the JPN version just feels clunky with the menu. I ran that version for 1 1/2-2 years and even with my new computer I feel that the version just isn't are great as the CHINA#1 version. After hearing about china and trying it I LOVED the texture, the texts, the menuing and the stability.

I vote YES

BabyRage dudsLmao

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Can we submit Korean once me and Roo eventually find it? BabyRage

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I've played the same version as @faiarrow and I have gone over the data between it and the Japanese releases, US version and the later budget Explosiv version of 3.

The game has all of it's files in it from what I recall as there is certainly a fake version going around with the cinematic/cutscene folder removed to make the game's size smaller. I don't recall there being any logo inserts over the Capcom one in comparison to the other version (which is in simplified Chinese, not traditional which does differentiate between the Taiwan release and a mainland or Hong Kong release).

For what it's worth, it ran smoothly without any stuttering or crashes on systems up to Windows 7 when I previously had some slight freezing problems with some of the other versions when the choice prompts were brought up.

I don't know how the Korean version runs, I don't think Anders (whose scans I linked to) has tried the PC version himself.

I haven't seen a fully packaged version beyond the softbox and the budget one up close, though the EA one is dated from 2003 and it has a white softbox outside the actual box but nowhere on the packaging was a catalog number and the older softbox one that I've seen from Taiwan didn't have one on there either which has made it a pain to locate. Part of the problem was that the site addresses given in the manual for the EA one redirected me back to the main site, but it was active at a point (it was to EA's old Asia distribution hub which is what the small little EAD logo is referencing) and there was stuff regarding their whole budget line in the region that was, off the top of my head called the "All Stars" one because there was confusion with the inclusion of the old "just great games" tagline.

I'm annoyed I didn't scan it because of the fact that I couldn't find a catalog number on the outside in the first place and that I don't really collect Biohazard stuff.

It just kind of fell into my pile of odd regional stuff like I have - the Taiwan products all reference Capcom, but the Hong Kong ones reference either Capcom, Capcom Asia or both. Though both also have individual distribution references in them and it's the same with guidebooks from these individual regions in having picked up both official and unofficial ones.

The Dysin/Ubisoft one I can't comment on as I haven't gone over a physical copy.

Taiwan versions should be listed as - 惡靈古堡
China or Hong Kong versions should be listed as - 生化危机
Korean versions as either of these - 레지던트 이블 OR 바이오하자드 시리즈 OR 레지던트이블 (no spaces for the RE name).

So I don't know, but maybe that might be of some help to try and differentiate versions while having a look for regional variants to play through.

If more regional variants are to be added, I would say that using Crimson Ceremony as a source would be useful as Anders is very careful about sorting through legitimate versions but prefers complete/mint copies of things and that's been difficult to find as it is with the Taiwan or Hong Kong product releases. There's a few things like official guidebooks for the region and it gets confusing as some of the Taiwan products retail in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but others may only retail in Hong Kong.

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Enetirnel, thank you for taking the time to write that out. Now my curiosity is on this Korean version!

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Hey if Korean is faster and smoother and someone has it, well hmm where?! when?! Let's go! wdncR


A purpose of this thread is not whether the version is faster for Resident Evil3 PC.

I think that we should deepen an original discussion in this thread, vote for Chinese Version.