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Here are the splash screens for the version of the game that I have if it helps any. The version that some people have does indeed seem to be some a hacked copy of some sort evident by the trainer included with it.

Also, Bobochet had an interesting suggestion: separate boards


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The best way is waiting for Capcom's response with Dara and Julian.


If someone's able to change a game to that extent, they can probably just throw a random splash screen in pretty easily. I mean, look at this:

Electronic Arts apparently published a China version, too. lol


lmao Ubisoft, now EA. what's next? naughty dog? xD.
PD: never seen that version before.


I think separating the categories would be the best option IMO. Is the Chinese RE3 a legitimate copy? Probably not. Would it discourage other future/current runners from running it since its obscure and hard to find? Absolutely. Is the Chinese RE3 probably the most optimized version out? Yes, especially since the JPN version can lag from time to time when menuing and etc. I know the topic is about whether or not this version is legitimate and both sides pose valid arguments in regards to why they should keep the Chinese RE3 version or not, however, I think it'd be best to just have two separate boards to keep both sides appeased. At the end of the day we're all runners who enjoy running some of our favorite games and there are obvious benefits between which version of the game you run, for example, different consoles, pc, etc. Having a separate board can't hurt, only further expand and grow the community in the long run.


It is true the version I run looks extra weird because of the cheat system and the intro screens, secondly if SRT gets ban (as I think it should also be so as you are banning China version too for been "not legit") if you wanna make runs legit legit do it completely and turn your back in other aspects. take the SRT out of this page. ban all SRT runs and come on nodding someone that uses SRT it's not hard someone that never menus to check HP someone that doesn't count bullets, runners of this game have seen the difference and the impact on using this SRT while running China. and died in runs for "I didn't know my hp" MODS would have to look the entire rum and extra carefully at this and it can be done. It'll be harder to see yes. but possible. Also wasn't there this one person making and running a third party app to see puzzle RNG s every time before hand? same way. how do you know someone is not using this as well? Noone gets perfect RNG and knows every puzzle first try. So NO SRT can be totally catched it would just be extra work for mods so don't turn your back around on making the runs legit but not legit I'm this aspect. Erase China runs if it wasn't a legit release but be "legit" in every aspect.


About the JPN menuing lagging, what do you mean? I'm just curious is all.

I mean neither version can probably hold a stable 60 in the menus, so both would probably drop inputs every now and then.


@wolfdnc ive told you before and you obviously didnt read it. Stop with the SRT argument. Please

If it was banned however, would you then go through every submission to determine that the runner wasnt using unlimited health? Like I always do if SRT isnt displayed,


New Rule.
"runners must now have a moderator present at their house in order to prove they are not using an SRT"

fail to see how SRT compares to a game version, though in all seriousness.


Ok let say that we separate the boards, if we receive answer from Capcom and they say that doesn't exitst? you're gonna have into the game yet?


I know this is a hard decision but we'll wait for proves. In my case if I don't know about a version if it's legal or no, I wouldn't play it until wait something concrete. So we have to make better decisions and see the proves this week.


@FurryWulfz true you're absolutely right. The game being as old as it is, its definitely hard to hold 60fps especially in the menus thats something we cannot avoid, however, the Chinese version is just a tad bit smoother and just a bit faster. Menuing and this version overall just seems a lot smoother as appose to its JPN counterpart (unless you're running RE3 JPN in a super small window).

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@dara Yes if SRT was in fact banned mod would have to watch entire run and analyze and count damage points from beginning to end, like we are talking about RE3 here EVERYONE takes a grab here and there. there is no " no damage run". @furry what bobochet said smoother and nicer menus there is inputs drops yes, but it is not as huge as the JAP version that's what I meant by it. And no Steven we don't have to be at your house to validate your run mods would just have to do extra work per run validation, as counting damage points which is general knowledge, bullet counting. etc. I'm not comparing a game version to an external app as SRT but just seeing how you all seem to want a legit board which I agree but if you want legit make EVERYTHING legit not look away at the fact that the SRT is a cheat system as well. SRT makes not only the run easier but the moderation easier so people don't wanna change for the extra work as a runner and moderator.


I'm still going to speedrun the "China" version of the game no matter what happens. Going back to the Japanese version seems like a step backwards.

I'm posting the original splash screens so we can find out more about this release. After some quick research [intense googling], Dysin Interactive Corp., appears to have ported other Campcom titles as well. Maybe SuperGamer57 can shed more light on this as he is the one that was able to obtain it first it seems.

@faiarrow on Twitter has also brought to my attention that EA has released a Taiwan port of which they own a physical copy of.

P. S. The BabyRage's are here because this topic of discussion seems so trivial. "Let's run the shitty version of some arbitrary game released decades ago because the developer won't email me back." bawkCorn

I know many of you are very passionate about this. I am, too. I wouldn't be playing this game for hours on end hoping that the RNG gave me a different weapon in the RPD locker. But at the end of the day, it's a fucking game boys. BabyRage

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I don't know of any game that pits unofficial versions (of any kind) against official versions. Pretty much the only thing that this is about, if it's legit keep it if not drop it / make another category like other games have for hacked versions. (Woo free WR hype)


The real reasons why people want to have their versions kept or removed

Me - Remove - If I run this game again, i won't need to run both japanese and chinese
Duds - Keep - If chinese is the new meta then nobody will beat the japanese time so he can keep the WR clickbait in the titlte
Wolf - Keep - Free Nemesis% wr


lmfao Trance xD I like China version because no use of SRT truly against it as you see, faster, smoother, looks better. Going back is just a downgrade. Regardless of what the decision is I am still gonna run it even if banned from boards. WR click baits dudsLmao lol @dudleyc_ MY GOLD BabyRage

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