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I have to agree with wolf and dudley on that, japanese version it´s not that really optimized compared to chinese version but it´s not a reason to leave a comfortable version if it´s not legit you know? i mean, we know the info about sourcenext company and mediakite versions, but i never heard something about chinese version release and i can´t find anything relate to china #1 version.


FurryWulfz, you bring up a great point about the version of the game being unobtainable. This is something that I had not considered upon writing my post. However, my vote still stands.


Well I have no idea how legit or "endorsed" the sourcenext version of RE2 is, but my personal vote for this chinese version of RE3 would definitely be no, if its not legally obtainable or endorsed by Capcom.


RE2 Sourcenext is licensed by Capcom. It's sold on Amazon and, as far as I know, if a bootleg version of a game was widely being sold on a retail store such as Amazon, they would get into a lot of trouble with Capcom.

The main problem is if the China version was indeed real, someone somewhere must have a copy of it. It wasn't distributed purely digitally. Besides finding it on torrent sites or seeing copies published by "EA" (lol), there's no way it seems to find this.

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While its true im not a active runner of RE3 I used to run it about 3 years ago and I still care about this game, I focused more on RE2 cause I found it more entertaining.

Even if SRT wasn't allowed there would be no way to tell if the runner actually uses it or not.......
What about all of the Japanese runners? Downloading copyrighted material for free is a serious offence in Japan, most japanese runners actually have a hardcopy of the game they run.

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I think you're referring to the quality of the port instead of the authenticity of it, which is the main issue here.


so let me get this straight...SRT is being compared to a Chinese version of a game? what the hell. how does that work?
Anyway if SRT is "cheating" so are auto splits in livesplit since it also uses values from the game which we shouldn't be able to "see" also SRT's have been around longer than most if not all of the current active runners on re3
even if we didn't have an SRT it isn't hard to count the damage n shit in your head. i do this regardless of using it.

As for the china version..where can you buy it now? where was it originally sold? who was it made by? when was it released? so many questions to ask that nobody has answers to and that is a huge red flag.
if this version was infact officially released why is all of this information so lacking ? doesn't that bother anyone that is voting YES? it's basically saying "fuck you" to anyone that doesn't pirate games and want the legit version. It's out right embarrassing that a Japanese guy asked where to get the game and was told that nobody knows since japan has very strict copy right laws that they abide by.

Anyway, it seems a few current china version runners (which tbh barely any exist anyway) don't care if it gets removed including the WR holder.

We only have the mediakite version because a member of the community purchased a physical copy and it wasn't until then that people were running it. same goes for re2 sourcenext. why should re3 china be any different?

Edit; Not voting just stating my opinion this game is meme to me now


@Darazanjoll well that's another weird matter about piracy/backups, since there's a lot of people that runs isos (through USB or HDD) or burned copies on original consoles and no one could tell. So people needs to start showing the OG discs before doing a run or something? Weird topic indeed.


Another pretty large issue here is; What if all current 'active' runners of the game drop RE3 a year or two down the line from now, and the boards are full of chinese runs the newer runners cannot obtain so the boards literally come to a stand still with no way forward?

This is why legitimacy of a version is far more important than quality. Mediakite will always be out there, whether it be collectors or people selling it back and forth on ebay, amazon, play-asia or various other online stores out there, it can be found if you actually try looking. The only way (currently) to find this version is through backhanded means, and sites like those are never gonna stay around forever.


It's just going in circles, to be honest. I can bet that most (if not all) obtained the "Mediakite" version the same way. I'm not endorsing this (I own three physical copies of RE3, any who). It's just another point to bring up.



@zenix my point was that Japanese runners will most likely stick with the Japanese release and not go with the Chinese version. Would probably be less Japanese runners on this board in the future if the China version is still allowed.

@DudleyC_ The Mediakite version was obtained by a RE3 runner who actually bought the physical disc and then shared it to the other runners. Everybody ran SourceNext before that.

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The difference though is no one has to pirate Mediakite, everyone here could buy a copy if they wanted. We're all just cheapskates though. Kappa The only way to currently play the China version is to pirate it, there is no alternative.

As Dara said, Japanese players simply do not pirate games because of their far stricter laws. So what happens to them? Back when we all first heard of the China version a lot of us were happy it was faster, but at the same time I think judgment was clouded in all of us and it was added before we had a time to really think about what this would cause later down the line in terms of RE3 speedrunning overall.

Whatever is decided though, I've said all I can be bothered to say. If the version remains it needs a fixed download though, as in, publicly shared and common knowledge. No one should have to browse a bunch of fishy Chinese torrent sites where the majority are gonna have some keyloggers hidden in them or some shit. lol

Good luck RE3.

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True that that it is too late on banning SRT because there is no way to tell if someone is using it or not. But this third party add on makes the game game easier to run and gives you and huge advantage against others. when myself and other jumped into the PC category this was already there, and in order to keep up and compete one had to use this cheat system (game scripts give you no advantage in a run other than knowing your ingame timer) as others opt in to use even turbo as the WR s at that time had it but then it got banned, why SRT was never put it on the forums as a vote either?. Talking about I can find it on ebay and amazon... how many of you actually have the disc of the game.. real talk... maybe just Carci? SRT makes the game easier CHINA version made the game smoother, faster and reduced input lags.

p. s. Carci voted for NO on Twitter btw


I respect high-ranking players in this game, and I studyed their recent wonderful plays in Chinese version.

In Chinese and English, I looked for a legal purchase route for Chinese version over and over again, but unfortunately was not found.

The game player must obey Copyright Act. Therefore it is not allowed to use the illegal copy.

So, I vote no, if the version is not legal.


@wolfdnc, the SRT argument just doesnt work, ban it all you want people will still use it and no one will ever know.
Why there wasnt a vote on the forum for the SRT is because the SRT existed before the forum.

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Problem with voting for SRT is you can't know if someone is using it. So it would get 'banned', but people would still use it regardless and just keep it of their stream layout.

Like Dara mentioned too, people were using SRT even back on the wiki. At this point, all it really does is serve as a memorization tool, 5 zombie bites from 200 hp is caution, Nemesis has 800 hp etc. You could write all this stuff in a notepad and still technically have all the info, it's just less practical is all.


Please don't say that I don't care; I grinded that time, it pains me to have to even consider refute my time. Thing is, I'm not gonna get terribly upset if it does get removed because I had suspicions about it in the first place. My point is, now that people have established times in this version, it seems unfair to take it away from myself and other runners at this point. At this point, it should probably stay. I have my gripes with it, but at this point, nobody complained about it when it was first being ran. I recall there being hesitation among myself and a couple other runners, but no action was taken against it.

Basically, I feel this discussion is relatively mundane and the people who run this version overall don't seem to oppose it enough to actually repeal it. We should find a way to address the "how to acquire it" issue though. I've gotten that question more than once and I can only say "I got it through legal means through the wonders of the internet" dudsLmao

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Took a brief look at some of the files in the game folder, the splash screen feels like someone took the mercenaries screen and added some blood, there is some random icon folders with icons from what looks like Remaster, the up scaled text/character map look nice, but someone tried to upscale all the background renders, which produces some weird effects with the layer masking & lighting in some areas, There also seems to be a small issue with the health status where one of the health states is the wrong color could be more results of people playing with sprite sheets and trying to upscale things "Superior Version" isn't exactly a term that comes to mind for me with this one, regardless of its legitimacy, to me it feels somewhat silly to jump through different versions of the game because its slightly faster, I vote no, I am happy with the Mediakite version, as we already went through a transition from Sourcenext


We just need to know if the China version is official/licensed/whatever by Capcom. It does not feel right when the isos of the chinese version come with bundled cheat engines and shit like that tbh


No one wanted to take action against it really because they knew this would be the outcome. The whole legitimacy vs speed thing that goes nowhere. It's happened in Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc etc and it never really amounts to anything.

The whole point though is this isn't about the runs, but the longevity of the community. Like a few have mentioned, Japanese runners (right now) are being officially screwed over by this version w/o a legal way to acquire it. In the end, that should have been the priority from the get go in my opinion.

Yeah, it's sad to lose good times, but this is kinda a

"Fuck it, we'll worry about this when the times comes." type situation.

The runs aren't going anywhere, they still exist. Further down the line who knows, maybe someone dedicated will find the legitimate disc and the runs are resubmitted within 5 minutes and boom, but it shouldn't be put off because then again it's possible no one will ever find it.