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Since this wasn't done in the first place. Might as well do this now. I vote no


If the version is not legal, I vote no. Also, we need some proves to see if the chinese version is legal or no.


When they said something about that china version i said i was gonna be agree allowing on the game if was legal. Nothing said about if is legal or not.


If the version is not legal, I vote no,too.


If its not a legal version, i vote no

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I´ve been running the china version but if there´s no reasons to prove that it´s a legal version, i vote no.


If no record of sale / licensed physical copy can be given showing it's legitimate, I vote no.


I've sent a email to Capcom Asia both in English and mandarin regarding this. Still no response from them. In order to prove that this version is infact legit we need proof from a legitimate source. Positive claims require positive evidence and since most of us if not all don't claim that this version is legit then we don't need any evidence to prove that it's not legit.

To sum it all up it's not legit until proven otherwise.

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Unless someone finds a real copy of this (which is taking too long tbh) I say we should not use it at all for speedrunning.

Sourcenext RE2 and Mediakite RE3 might not be the best, but at least we know they're legit releases.

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I vote no. I ate some really bad Chinese food once 🙁


It's hard for me to vote no on the chinese version, since it pretty much means refuting my spot on the boards and the time I spent grinding it, but I've always said that china doesn't feel legit. I just wish a lot more discussion was done before I was given the go-ahead to run this.

I vote no, but make sure that this is properly looked at before the ultimate judgement is passed.

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This thread is a huge circle jerk. None of you even actively run RE3 PC with the exception of keny, Roxy, and HatsKuSakura - please correct me if I'm wrong. Why should THE RUNNERS of the game be subject to this arbitrary ruling? This would totally invalidate the the amazing runs achieved by Wusscake, WolfDNC, and Magn00zl, among others.

Hands down, the "China" PC version of Resident Evil 3 is the smoothest running copy of the game. There isn't any menu delay compared to it's inferior Japanese version.

I vote -YES- it should be allowed. evoChina CHINA #1 evoChina

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WE tried to bring a faster easier to use version to the field to make people happy and bring back runners into this game and all I hear is BabyRage of non-active runners of the game.I showed what the differences are between JAP and CHN and how visible the input drops and delays are between this 2 versions. Everyone has to run this game at 320 x 240 to accomplish this? It is sad how so many great runs have already been accomplished in this version and the superiority of the version has already been shown and we still hear complains about it.

I vote for also YES it should be allowed

p.s. All this talk about been "non" legit and most of the runners I hear talking hear use SRT, is SRT a valid legit way to run the game? We are all suppose to know the HP of your character bullet count and boss HP ? Noone started a vote on this and all stay quiet because all use it and made the game easier, but yet they complain about this version been "non" legit. ¤sigh¤


Part of the reason people have dropped this game though is because of this exact change on top of other things. If I wanted to run China right now I couldn't unless I find the obscure Chinese torrent site that Supergamer originally found it on, or unless a current runner sent it to me.

Keny even asked in a prior topic where he could buy it and we just couldn't answer him simply because we don't know, or if it even can be bought in the first place. Whereas if I wanted to buy Mediakite I could buy it right now on or for £20-30.

Simply because someone hasn't run the game in a duration shouldn't make what they say any less valid. It's no one else's problem, and simply shouldn't have been added so hastily. We're here now voting on the forums for the game, as it should've been to begin with, really.

Keny and Roxy both voted no, no one here is trying to sway their vote, and they're active runners. There's no need to turn this into a personal thing specifically attacking a posters validity because they don't currently run the game at this exact moment.

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Don't put Magnzool in that list 'cuz he mentioned this on a previous forum about this version. and I'm sure he doesn't mind if his run ia rejected 'cuz was playing on a non-legit version of the game

HatsKu is running the game 'cuz was starting running the game, nothing said about that version. He started with this version,but im sure he doesn't feel good playing on a weird version. We came from a game that has a weird IGT no matter the emulator and your PC specs that you were using.

The point isn't proving the fastest version, is demonstrate if this version is legit for speedrunning.

Now i want to Play with a mod that allows me playing with Carlos all the Game Kappa

Dara sent a mail to Capcom about that, I contacted a person that works with Capcom UK and see if we can figure out about this.

About the SRT I don't mind if is banned, SRT hasn't been a legit tool.


58 runs on JPN vs 9 on CHN.

To be honest, it's not too late to go back to Mediakite.

Wolf, duds and wusscake, I totally understand the frustration of active runners that have switched to the China version, but let's be REAL for a moment fellas, you know this version might be a bootleg and we can't prove at all that it existed as a retail version.


You guys can beat the best times in the leaderboards without using a different version of the game 🙂

Edit: I'll post Carcinogen desition here:

Won't login on mobile but i gotta say "no" too. neat textures but if there is any question of its legitimacy, it's unsafe to use.


Doesn't RE2 sourcenext fall into the same catagory? lol


RE2 sourcenext is a legit version, though?

Either way, there's no point "banning" SRT, because then we would also have to ban autosplitters and igt scripts. They all amount to the same thing in the end.

The real reason these don't remain banned is simply because past a streamers layout you don't know what's happening, and most would probably use it regardless. It would simply turn submissions into a witch hunt.

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Why AndehX? Sourcenext is an original release, you can even get it off ebay / amazon nowadays.