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I have no intent of diminish competition between categories, I'm just telling that the TWN version seems easier if the goal is just beat the game. I make runs from Very Hard to Easy in many games and, in fact, SPEEDRUNS at Easy might be harder than in Very Hard, depending on the game.

I observed that, in fact, the enemies in TWN version HAVE less life, the position of some of them in certain places is different too (from the PS1 version) and I had the impression (might be a illusion, but) that Jill runs slightly faster (once she seems to cover certain distances in a shorter period of time). About the quickshot, it was a thing that someone told me once.


@Rei_LeoRei_Leo The whole thing about Jill running faster is most likely just the fact that the PC version has far better fps than the PS1 version.


The game is the same, it has the same dificultty as any other port, if you choose original for sure, and all the enemies have the same hp, the only real difference between console ports and pc ports, is that you can skip doors. Jill speed is also the same. Maybe you're running a modified version.


If you compare PC to Console then I can see why you think Jill moves faster. This is probably due to the camera transitions being instant.

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