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Does anyone have (or know were I can find) a save just before the clock puzzle in the clocktower? Its the puzzle I still have a hard time with.


There is the save room that you enter (the room after jumping out the window) that you could save at. It's literally three rooms away from the clock puzzle. Do it after you get the Chrono's Chain from the Music Box puzzle though so that way you can open it. Then just keep loading that save until it gets more comfortable for you. Honestly, I still keep the guide up in another monitor so as soon as I see the time on the clock, I know what order to do it in.

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Is there an ink ribbon there? I know were the save points are. The problem I have is remembering were the ribbons are. Thanks for replying btw.


there should be A ink ribbon in CT next to the typewriter.

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Thanks guys I found it. I know it sounds dumb but I never look for ink ribbons when doing runs lol.

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The order of the gems depends on the central hour. You could just save a TXT with all the solutions.


I personally don't have any puzzle solutions open while running. I feel it makes the run not valid. But all is good. I remembered the solutions via practicing with index cards. Got a 50:48 tonight. Gonna be posted here soon. 🙂


I understand and I also don't like any type of cheating (like bugging Nemesis in the virus battle). But in this case, it is like, for example, typing the code for the STARS key directly instead of going for the card. If you want to do a competitive run, you will have to do this. But I love the idea of a category where you have to do things as schemed (taking the card for the code, etc).

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I can see that. Personally I just use index cards and study the shit out of them until I remember the solutions lol. I did this for Clock tower puzzle and Water Sample puzzle. I am however okay with glitches. Cause in most cases its not easy to do them. I forgot about the Nemesis virus battle glitch. But I don't know if any are worth doing in an any% run. I feel it would just waste time.

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It this can help, most of cases (about 80%) the solution is with the yellow gem at the right clock. So you just have to give a shot at the other two.

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Clock tower puzzle the solution is just B and E in the down position, and the rest up. (Incase you didn't know, it's not random solution like on PS1, you just need to make sure that in the end they are in that position)


@NulliferBonesNulliferBones wrong puzzle lol. This thread is about the clock puzzle.


If you are playing on TWN PC version then there is only 4 solutions you need to remember.
From left to right:
11 o'clock : Amber - Obsidian - Crystal

9 o'clock : Obsidian - Amber - Crystal

7 o'clock : Obsidian - Crystal - Amber

5 o'clock : Crystal - Obsidian - Amber

You only need to remember the last 2 stones since you use them from the right.
Amber is for the lower numbers, Crystal for the higher numbers. Then you only have to remember the middle stones.

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@SymmSymm thanks! I was remembering 6 solutions. Why does the twn only have 4? I thought they all had 6 solutions.


oh man I missread lol sorry about that. but yes clock puzzle has 2 less solutions on PC than on PS

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@JakeeenatorJakeeenator tye TWN version is a easier version of Re3. The handgun already comes with quickshot, the enemies have less life and the game have less RNG too (for example, the clock puzzle has 4 RNGs instead of 6). Jill's movement speed is slightly faster too.


@Rei_LeoRei_Leo pls send me this version that you are talkin about LUL

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@Rei_LeoRei_Leo Handgun doesn't have quickshot by default, you need to QS manually like with any other weapon, the RNG in the clock is true tho.

But remember the difficulty of a game in terms of speedrun comes from competition, and PC/TWN has by far the biggest competition and it's where is more difficult to obtain top times.

Beating Super Mario Bros is extremely easy, but being in the top 10 extremely complicated, optimization and competition is super strong.

It's wrong to compare game versions or platforms, at the end of the day thats why categories exist, it's all about the competition inside that category.

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From where this Jill moves faster in TWN came