General troubleshooting for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

By JulianJulian. Last updated

Hi everyone,

So, since i've been reading the same issues a lot of times, i'm taking the time for making this guide in order to fix some common issues that you have been reported. So, let's start with this

1. Game is lagging on fire and explosions
2. Map buttons
3. Running cutscenes

Game is lagging

1. Right click on your game and choose Properties
2. Go to the compatibility mode tab and enable this one
3. Select any one not higher of Windows Vista - I personally recommend Windows XP Service Pack 3
4. Open the game and hit the F5 key
5. Select the tab Video
6. Change the video option selected to anything different that does not say RGB and save the changes

Map buttons

1. Open the game and hit the F5 key
2. Select the Keyboard tab
3. In any option that is shown, you need to right click on that and then select clear for clearing all the keys used for that action
4. Right click and select add key and then hit the key you want to use

Running cutscenes

1. Open the game and hit the F5 key
2. Go to the ETC tab
3. Remove the check mark of the cutscenes