Puzzle Solutions

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Evidence Room Locker
The evidence room locker in the RPD is set randomly to one of four codes, there is no way to know exactly what the code is that we know of yet:

0131 - 4011 - 0513 - 4312

Pharmacy Computer

The password are:
- SAFSPRIN (technically has the greatest of being the passcode)

Oil Station

Method #1
Please Read: I spent probably an hour learning the variety of solutions and recording them. There is a slim chance i have missed a combination, but these were definitely the regulars. Also, they might not be the quickest methods, but i wanted to start somewhere.

Key for puzzle:
- Letter in brackets = Highlighted letter (the goal essentially)
- Letters following the brackets = Dials that are red (highlighted)
- The final set of letters are the solution to that particular puzzle.

(A) a+c = b,a
(A) a+c+d = c,a
(A) a+b+d = c,b,a
(A) a+d = b,d,a
(B) a+b+c = d,c,b
(B) b+d = d,a,b
(C) a+c+d = b,c
(C) b+c = c,d
(D) a+b = b,d
(D) b+c+d = d,b,a,c

Method 2
If you want to solve it logically, this is an easier chart to follow.

A = A _ C D
B = _ _ C D
C = A B _ _
D = A B _ D

Basically, if you want to toggle only "A" you press the buttons A C D in any order. (1100) -> (0100)
So, you can figure out which lights you need to toggle, and follow the chart.
If you have to press a button an even # of times, you don't need to press it at all.For example, if you want to toggle lights A and D, you only need to press BC. (1010) -> (0011)

You can also choose to remember certain combo toggles. I suppose through the practice, the solution would become second nature.

Method #3 - Brute Force
Press B - C - D - C - B - A - B - C - D - C - B - C - D - A - C and it gets solved every time.
(BCDCBABCDCB CDAC) <- how I remember it


- Fuse: Red, Blue, Blue, Blue.
- Grenade Launcher/Magnum: Red, Red, Red, Blue
- Fuse (After Electrocution): Red, Red, Blue, Blue

Clock Tower (Music Box)
PC version plays always the 1.0 version, so the solution for that puzzle is
Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up

Playstation has 2 versions 1.0 and 1.1
- If you're playing the 1.0 version of the game, the solution is Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up
- If you're playing the 1.1 version of the game, the solution is TOTALLY RANDOM

Clock Tower (Paintings)
The starting time of the middle clock can be used to know which orbs you have to use (from left to right).

11 o'clock
Amber - Obsidian - Crystal

10 o'clock
Amber - Crystal - Obsidian

9 o'clock
Obsidian - Amber - Crystal

7 o'clock
Obsidian - Crystal - Amber

6 o'clock
Crystal - Amber - Obsidian

5 o'clock
Crystal - Obsidian - Amber

Fast solutions are 11 and 9 o'clock

Hospital (B3)
Use the valves:
I, III and A (check the image)

Hospital (4F) Speed Solve

There are only 4 solutions to the puzzle:

The cabinet placement is based on the place of the one in the opposite room and the # you get from the doctor's corpse. If the cabinet is on-screen, check the position, then hold ↓ + Run + Action. to exit since you'll have half a second before the sliding worms get out. (you can get zombies in that room too) Otherwise, check the doctor's corpse.

- Cabinet is on the right - Code is 104.
- Cabinet is on the left - Code is 325.
- 253 - Push cabinet up and to the right.
- 531 - Push cabinet up and to the left.

Fastest solution 531 > 253 > 325 > 104 Slowest solution

Water Sample - Factory
The water sample puzzle can be solved just by looking at the first two unit placements:

High-Empty (H-E)
A: Right x1
B: Right x1
C: Left x2

Medium-Low (M-L)
A: Right x1
B: Right x3
C: Left x4

Medium-Empty (M-E)
A: Left x4
B: Right x2
C: Left x2

High-Low (H-L)
A: Left x1
B: Left x2
C: Right x2

Fastest solution H-E > H-L > M-L > M-E Slowest solution

Special thanks to CarcinogenSDA, Dudley, JayBoneElite and Supergamer57 for contributing this