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Hi There, I am Ecdycis and these are my notes for Resident Evil 3 Any% PC TWN

This is a basic guide if you want to get into Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Speedrunning and will be referring to the category Any% PC TWN. Most of the routing can carry over to the rest of the game but keep in mind about significant differences such as difficulty, puzzle, or additional routing if you aren’t doing Any% TWN

The guide will give a solid grasp on how to beat the game but the rest of the tricks and skill will be up to you. I highly recommend checking out the video guide by Orchlon or watching some runs beforehand so you have an idea of what to expect. It may also help to read this guide along while watching a run

Before you read understand
1) This guide is using the autosplitter as a reference which will split on pretty much every door in the game

2) I have included parenthesis for route changes since if you get Magnum or Grenade launcher it will definitely vary, it will be using Grenade as a default

3) I have not put down any herb you may find, you will see them as you play and can grab them as you wish. I recommend weaning yourself off the herb early on so you can primarily use the 1st Aid that is much more convenient for routing

4) There are resources available on the SRC page, GET THEM

5) To get on the leaderboard you must complete the run without dying. This is due to the in game timer resetting back to where you had a save point/continue which can be abused

6) If you plan on streaming this it is easier to use Display Capture on OBS than it is to get window or game capture working. Most PC games of the time will have issues with this

Now that we’ve covered that it’s time to begin!

1: Intro, not much happens here. Go vault over the dumpster
2: go upstairs to office
3: grab key and leave
4: downstairs and exit with key
5: straight forward
6: Left door
Basement End: Trigger cutscene, exit hall and go back and grab item behind zombie door. Go back to main hall and straight after door.

RPD Gates
8: run down street past dying man
9: straight past chalk and follow Brad(Dude running)
10: exit immediately, cutscene lighter and back way we came
11: past chalk courtyard, go right when upstairs and down
12: straight, right of big crowd and use basement item and lighter to burn door.
13: Straight, go into gate
RPD Gates: left at fork into PD Gate

Stars Office
15: Nemesis, 1st option and enter PD
16: left side door
17: right side door
18: Key puzzle, answers are: 0131, 0513, 4312, 4011 Leave by close door
19: upstairs
20: Door past statue
21: first door
STARS Office: Grab item, get call and get Grenade Launcher and exit(If you get magnum read parenthesis on certain sections because your route is now changed)

RPD Exit
23: back the way you came earlier
24: Downstairs
25: all the way down to white door.
26: grab blue gem and leave
27: straight down to foyer
28: Leave PD
RPD Exit: Exit to gate

30: Exit straight all the way past fire and to door
31: straight down the hall
32: straight to gate
33: straight past train and right door
34: follow arrows and past do not enter gray door(If doing Magnum grab the blue car wire now)
35: door in room
36: straight to door
37: straight to cutscene, pass dude and caution door.
38: Left to door
39: straight upstairs to door
Firehook: Grab hook upon entering room Go opposite way and use firehook on ladder. 1st Choice

Green Gem
41: run to vent and select yes
42: cutscene, left past zombie and upstairs to glass door
43: run past 2 hr parking to Press(If doing Magnum deposit Blue Gem in puzzle if you need the space)
44: Grab 1st aid and move ladder to vending machine panel, open grate fence, upstairs
Green Gem: straight and into left room, grab gem and leave the way you came.

Bronze Book
46: downstairs and leave press
47: back the way you came earlier and use gems on dial by gate. City Hall door
48: straight down to end and left at fork
49: straight down to gate
50: down path to door
51: shoot red barrel and over pallets. Pass train and hop on to entrance(If you get dogs you can just run to the train)
52: cutscene and leave by dude(If Magnum deposit the blue wire into the electric panel first as you’ll need inventory later)
53: Put this on, grab wrench by door in train(You now have 10 inventory instead of 😎
54: back the way we came over pallets and to door
55: straight all the way back
56: straight all the way down
Bronze Book: Straight down back and green gate that opens, Statue activate and take the book. Leave continuing down the path initially heading for this split

58: straight across gate
59: straight and follow dude
60: left all the way by herbs, use bronze book on opening and take the circle. Leave back the way you entered
61: go back the way you went the last time you were here
62: glass cutscene, back to City Hall
Battery: back to statue use Circle on it to turn and take battery. Leave the way you entered

64: straight door across gate
65: straight and to the right of Jill following the earlier path.
66: caution door
67: Straight past the dude and upstairs. Use battery and elevator
68: exit rightside and go past 1st door, enter on gate
69: first gate
70: pull switch, talk to machine by grate and puzzle - Answer is 1st choice and then spam the 2nd option, grab fuse and cutscene straight door.
Fuse: cutscene, run back to elevator

Sales Office
72: downstairs, right and immediate other turn to door.
73: juke zombies to door
74: across door
75: straight and exit door
76: go left and enter gate
77: straight, past gate and wrench on hose. Take it and exit with closest door
78: run down path and take only door
79: pass fire and turn into gate
80: hose on red box to put out the fire, straight to door.
81: straight to door.
82: turn down path and enter double doors
83: computer, passwords - Safsprin, Adravil, Aquacure. Unlocked door(Most likely Safsprin)
84: down path and loot bottle by boxes and return to entrance of this room, knock down zombs(If Magnum pay attention to the ammo types, if you see a red and yellow make a blue since you’ll need this for later If you don’t get both of them here ignore this)
Sales Office: Exit way we entered

Gas Station
86: pass spiders to only other door.
87: straight down
88: straight down to gate
89: right at fork past fire to door
90: down path
91: left down to gate
92: straight past cars and right door
93: loot car blue wires, cutscene with boxes, 1st option juke. Office door.(If Magnum ignore the blue car wires since you already took them, you still need to do the rest though)
94: cross room.
95: go down to brown door.
96: left at fork and up to caution door.
97: left and glass door.
98: straight and left at divide past noodle shop(Probably a cafe). 1st door
99: loot crank by red gas
100: right down to glass exit
101: straight to city hall
102: straight and right at the fork to gate
103: straight and follow path to grate. Crank first and Wrench after.
104: go to desk and take 1st aid. After ABCD puzzle. Refer to below buttons depending on the answer needed, take gas can and leave(If Magnum take one of the red ammos here if you didn’t get it earlier in the Sales Office)
A = A _ C D
B = _ _ C D
C = A B _ _
D = A B _ D
Gas Station: run past cars and leave gate

Train Crash
106: Straight, door past Nemesis
107: Juke zombies down to gate(If Magnum and you didn’t make the blue ammo in the sales office you get your yellow ammo here from the car the zombie pops out of. Combine the red and yellow ammo to blue and save this for later)
108: straight down path, cutscene at fork, right switch after worm. Head backwards toward orange door, pull other switch first and enter ladder
109: Straight over pallets, right and onto train
110: use gasoline on train, blue wires, and fuse. Exit room across
111: Straight down to door.
112: Nemesis cutscene, leave room.
Train Crash: 1st option, jump out window. straight, grab two yellow powders. Combine one with red. Take additional red, grab key in painting and leave(BOTH ROUTES READ If there are no powders in this room you’ll have to get them in the key room. Either way you’ll need to mix either Frost Grenades or Magnum ammo. Magnum Ammo requires a three stack of blues so you’ll need both reds and both yellows to combine to a triple blue. Grenade ammo is only a double blue)

Music Box
120: straight, brown door. Past stairs straight to double brown. Left single door in narrow hall, straight door. By alter right key. Combine blue rounds. Leave(BOTH READ This is the other room you’ll find the powders)
121: Cutscene in piano room. Leave room way we came in earlier.(BOTH READ - If Grenade take the ammo and put it in your launcher, use the normal ammo and combine it with your double blue. You’ll have 12 frost rounds instead of 10. IF MAGNUM Say no, you don’t need it)
122: Double door
123: Upstairs
124: follow path to door
125: use key on keyhole, climb ladder.
Music Box: Talk to music box. Puzzle is Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. Take key, leave down ladder.(Puzzle is luck based, you’ll have anywhere from 1-6 changes, the final answer must be the one above)

127: Run past nemesis(It’s a cutscene)
128: Downstairs
129: left door
130: combined keys on green door
131: opposite end of hall
132: Orb puzzle, take all the orbs and place depending on clock time. Amber, Obsidian, Crystal(11) Obsidian, Amber, Crystal(9) If neither of these sucks to be you! Here are the other potential solutions. Amber, Crystal, Obsidian(10) Obsidian, Crystal, Amber(7) Crystal, Amber, Obsidian(6) Crystal, Obsidian, Amber(5)
Grab gold cog, leave room
133: exit back to other side of spiders
134: right brown door.
135: upstairs
136: all the way to wooden door
137: up ladder
138: take cog on first shelf. Combine cogs and use on cog puzzle. Leave room ladder
139: leave back to wooden
Nemesis: Unload grenades on him, cutscene. (Magnum fight will unload magnum, it’s a harder fight. Some people recommend 6 Magnum shots 1 Pistol and doing that twice)

141: Leave room.
142: Leave piano room
143: Leave to double door
144: straight past broken stairs
145: Green door
146: past spiders to door
147: straight past statues, shove bell and leave
148: right and left at turn. End up at hospital
149: cutscene, immediate door.
150: Other door in room
151: grab tape recorder, go left side and talk to switch, use recorder on switch. Enter elevator 4F
Carlos: Leave down the hall to data room. Cutscene, take key by folder, exit data again and go to room 401, check to see what the answer is using the info below. Leave, go to 402. Refer to below for answer
-If Cabinet is on the right - Code is 104. In 402 push the cabinet all the way into the far corner on the otherside of the room and curse RNG
-If Cabinet is on the left - Code is 325. In 402 push the cabinet across the room but on the side with the safe
At this point if it’s neither of the above you got lucky, inspect the doctor and check the code
-If 253, in 402 Push cabinet up and to the close right.
-If 531, in 402 Push cabinet up and to the close left.(This is the best one)
Leave, back to elevator, B3, exit door down hall, door by red box. Loot 3rd shelf and use item on electric switch. Valves drain Puzzle - 1, 3, A. take red vial, exit room. Exit again. Shoot barrel(Satchel charge on wall) in hall and back to elevator. 1F and brown door.

Save Jill
163: Leave exit door.
164: bomb, get out immediately
165: door by screen
166: across room
167: cross spider room
168: right to brown door
169: straight and nemesis. Go into door.
170: narrow straight door.
171: straight piano room door.
Save Jill: use vials on Jill

Grave Digger
173: Take knife back from crate, leave.
174: run past nemesis into double door
175: loot gun off ground by body. Run straight by stairs door
176: green door.
177: spider room, take grenades and advance.
178: gem room advance.
179: door by red barrel. Should be locked, we unlock it.
180: take key off key ring, leave out door.
181: make left upstairs into park
182: right side and go downstairs right.
183: cross bridge to gate door.
184: run down path loot key off body and return back the way you came
185: advance back to stairs from bridge
186: cross straight path to opposite side gate.
187: immediate right. Gear puzzle - bottom left, top middle, bottom right, top right. Top two. Water lowers. Go down ladder.
188: straight and up right land, climb ladder
189: straight right. And around graveyard to wood door
190: grab two yellows and combine for acid rounds. Take pipe in closet. Lighter in fire place. Pipe after. (If Magnum just do the puzzle, it sucks to be you)
191: around table and take key ring. Leave fireplace after computer cutscene.
192: leave cabin
Grave Digger: Boss fight, unload Acid rounds into him. Likely a two cycle when good. Leave opposite end when done and cutscene. Select Yes to climb out.(If Magnum it will be just firing magnum rounds)

Steam Room
194: drop down into water again and climb up ladder
195: back up towards gear puzzle, leave gate
196: cross straight bridge back to bridge side.
197: cross bridge to gate
198: run through park past body, use key on gate and enter
199: upstairs cutscene. Select 1st option, and leave
200: all the way down hall
201: 1st aid in corner and key ring by books, leave left side
Steam Room: run right side in terms of Jill and talk to steam panel, lower steam panel after and activate computer. Door should open. Leave room way you came(Instead of doing the steam puzzle you’ll have to mash the computer to activate the power while the lower steam is running. Just mash it)

Water Puzzle
203: straight to door
204: immediate door
205: grab CD and leave, re-enter and go to elevator
206: select yes on elevator.
207: right and downstairs to door.
208: drop in water and go right, go up other side and to door
209: straight to panel and take vial, go exit to door near this
Water Puzzle: downstairs, use vial on water puzzle. Puzzle - stack the appropriate height between A, B, and C. Door will unlock. Potential answer will be based on the first two unit placements refer to the answers below
High-Empty (H-E) A: Right x1 B: Right x1 C: Left x2
Medium-Low (M-L) A: Right x1 B: Right x3 C: Left x4
Medium-Empty (M-E) A: Left x4 B: Right x2 C: Left x2
High-Low (H-L) A: Left x1 B: Left x2 C: Right x2
Take 1st aid if needed and return upstairs to door

Nemesis 2
211: straight to opposite door.
212: Into water and right to opposite raise, go in door
213: upstairs, straight and in elevator
214: Select yes
215: go left(Past the zombie) and enter light door
216: cutscene, use CD on panel.
Nemesis 2: You are fighting Big Boy, use the knife on the acid valves. Warning, you’ll need to learn audio cues here as they help immensely, if he says stars you want to hit it and don’t get pulled. You need x3 run away when done and loot Umbrella keycard. Use it on console.(Pro tip Acid only works when fully green)

Nemesis 3
218: Straight, and left to door.
219: past elevator to far door
220: console by grate, use keycard and juke zombies to door.
222: over to double door
223: double door after earthquake
Nemesis 3: run to light rail gun console. You are going to need to shove the batteries into the slots. Do one by entrance 1st and the fight will start. Do #2 second and the one by console 3rd. After unload rounds into Nemesis and keep him around the fire of Rail Gun. After 1st shot run into the opening made and keep unloading. You should have him dead. Open red door by #2. SELECT BOTTOM CHOICE(If you don’t care about PBing 1st choice gives him stars)

225: talk to device and select yes.
Fin: Run forward, Let the cutscene playout, and take a deep breath. Good job, you did it!

If you’ve made it this far without dying great job! You are now a certified RE3 runner and can properly complain about the RNG that hates you.
If you’ve beaten the game but died you still did great, but your run won’t be valid until you can beat it without dying. Still you managed to beat one of the toughest horror speedgames and you should be proud.

I recommend you get some saves on the parts of the game you’ll need to work on. In addition to that don’t worry about resetting until you are top 10 or have hundreds of attempts under your belt, the more you play the game the easier it will get, resetting all the time will never allow you to practice other sections of the game you may need

There are also plenty of other runners who are more than happy to assist you in both the discord, forums, or possibly your chat if they notice you doing runs. In addition I'm also always open to answering questions although my understanding is mostly a basic level

Thank you for reading and good luck out there, I hope to see you on the leaderboards soon!