Dodges / Strats Compilation

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Basement - Works better for Consoles and emulators - WolfDNC

Pharmacy Escape - RebeccaRE and WolfDNC

Get in wait until zombie on the left moves / DON'T AGRO BARBIE ZOMBIE !! / get out CLEAN !!! Even on caution !!

City Hall - Three Points Street Zombie Dodges Statue (Late Crank Route) - Supergamer57

Method #1 - Quick Turn

Method 2 - Manual Turn

This only saves time on PC since the advantages of late crank are more fast doors and the absent Nemesis. If the 2nd and 3rd zombies do not become aggressive, then this dodge should work every time.

Cable Car Area - keny

Method #1

Method #2

In Resident Evil 3, in the pattern in which zombies appear in the cable car area, it is common to use a usual twice handgun to explode drums to defeat zombies. However, this method has a large time loss. So, I tried to verify the method that can pass as fast as possible.

- The first zombie avoidance around the doorway is relatively easy, so I will skip the explanation.

Three zombies near the cable car entrance turned around greatly outside and it was easy to cut into the inside with a quick turn.

Note 1: With this method, when you fail on a quick turn, you are caught by both a standing zombie and crawling zombies, so I updated it in a way that does not use a quick turn.

After the end of the Carlos event, avoiding zombies near the entrance will seem difficult at first glance. However, I learned that if you leave the cable car and raise Jill to the right side of the bench as quickly as possible and immediately divert Jill to the left side as soon as you get off, you can avoid zombies relatively steadily.

Note 2: As you can see when comparing the updated version with the old version, the movements of the zombies who are behind the female zombie are random, so after you get down to the ground, I recommend that you pay attention to the location of the zombies.Due to the random arrangement of zombies and the emergence of aggressive zombies, it is not stable yet.

To be honest, very good RNG is continuing, it is a waste if you fail here, so it seems better to use a normal hand gun in such a case. On the contrary, the time is bad until just before and it may be good if it is a gambling way of using it to regain the delay.)

Water Hunters - Factory - WolfDNC

Hmmm hard to explain in words just watch and PERFORM !!! If the first hunter stays still just wait until he moves then PERFORM !!! xD

Nemesis Waste Disposal Fight - Factory (Handgun) - Supergamer57

Method #1 - Safe

Method #2 - Fast

Zombies dodges after Nemesis waste disposal fight - Factory - WolfDNC

Just watch and repeat xD You can get it EVERYTIME if performed correctly and if the second zombie doesn't agro xD

Special thanks to the contributions: WolfDNC, RebeccaRE, keny, Supergamer57