Grenade Launcher tool for runs and changes in the moderation of RE3
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Grenade Launcher tool for runs and changes in the moderation of RE3

1st of all i want to thank everyone of this game who put efforts for making the game more competitive to the point that we thought it couldn't be reached and as i've said in other places, the game is being worked in perfect ways it's because of you.

2nd. As some of you notice @MoeMoe_7 accepted to be moderator of RE3 and RE3CE and he was added recently, so i'd like to give the best wishes in this game :D I'll be removing myself from the moderation of this gamea after almost 3 years where i felt good in helping in what i could, i don't have the same time as before and i simply want to give the chance to active runners who can perform better results as mod of this game.

And the last topic i want to bring here: As i've heard in some streams, people wanted to know if the GL Tool which allows you getting the GL 100% of the times is accepted or not in the game. In the past, there was a thread of the SRT asking of this tool and the majority were agreed in not accepting it or just creating a new category with this tool -

I want to bring this topic again to know your opinions of why this tool should be / not should be accepted for future runs in the game, everything with respect in this thread, mods will be reading your opinions.

Thanks everyone! :)

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Hello, to be quick, I disagree. Modifing the game itself even if it's minimum is against the general rules for the speedrun community, since it would be cheating. If you let this one be, then the next time it would be something new like "knowing the run's rng Tool" and the escene of the game and speedrun would be lost with time. Also, new runners like me would have an easier path being allowed to use GL tool compared to those who spent hours grinding the game because that factor, so it's not fair with them either.

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I completely agree with Secret's reasoning, once some people get their way with little modifications it would open a slippery slope and undo a lot of the time and effort spent by runners on a game that for years has been known for it's ingrained puzzle RNG. On top of this there is also enemy RNG with placement and even behavior which is again learned and expected after much time spent.

Congratulations to Moe for his promotion and have fun with the extra free time Julian also.

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alright. so i was against the GL tool myself before but it was because i had opinion that its unfair towards the old runners who ran this game several years and wasted so much time reseting for magnums. but you know every top runner agreed on that and every top runner wants to include GL tool as legit mod. so at this point i think that NOT approving GL tool is going straight and only against re3 runners. because if they dont have problem with new runners using it and they bled and sweat on this game for many years i dont think it should be ignored and not included. peace out everyone <3

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Good luck Julian, you've done a lot for this game in the past and have had to deal with a lot of shitty situations.

On the topic of the GL Tool, I don't really have much to say and don't think I really need to say anything. Ultimately, the community will decide what is best for the future of this game.

Only thing I would say, is this format perhaps isn't the best place for this kind of discussion. In the past, I've seen a lot of people simply piggyback the opinions of others / their friends / large streamers simply because of that fact, with very little dedication to the game, or research into the game itself. They agree simply because they don't want to argue. That is a bad mindset in my opinion. I'd say, if anything, if a vote on this absolutely must take place, do it anonymously via google form submission. Require a person's username on SRC, a link to a run of theirs (to prove they aren't just some viewer throwing in their two cents) and have them vocalize their opinion on why this mod should be allowed. That way, they aren't simply parroting what their friends say on here / discord. Keep all information anonymous, so people can be honest as they need be. Also, don't change this on a whim because of a small portion of the game's community, it's a very big change... and a big change needs a large backing.

Generally, I don't understand why time and time again this stuff comes back to RE3 though. The majority of speedrun communities would scoff at the idea of this sort of thing because however which way you twist it or try to make it sound... it is cheating, and a lot of them deal with far greater "flat time loss" RNG than a 1/2 chance that RE3 deals with. It's bizarre.

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In my opinion, there's nothing much to say, this is just pointless, changing how the game works is wrong, even if it's just a little piece, and making this it's own category is stupid, cause then, most of the runners will move to that category eventually, and the original any% will be dead sooner or later, i've been here for more than 1 year, and maybe it's not a long time, but so far the game has gone well this way.


@MoeMoe_7 IN DA HOUSE <3

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Yes allow it, the only reason it wasn't allowed was because a lot of RE2 runners derailed the old thread and somehow made their "votes" count, I suspect because the mods are friends with those people, even though a majority of the active RE3 runners votes yes. Plenty of games have been modded to make them better speedruns.

In regards to calling it cheating, if you have an archaic old view of speedrunning as "beating a game as fast as possible using any means necessary within the bounds of the game" then yeah it's cheating, me personally don't care for this definition. Speedrunning to me is about competition, that's why have rules, leaderboards, and categories. Calling the GL tool cheating is like calling a group of monopoly player using house rules cheating.

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If you're going to allow it, make it its own category and ship it to CE :) It's not "Any%."

If you're going to allow it on Any%, might as well add a mod that also makes the password Adravil every time (which is technically faster than Safsprin) and give 531 every time, maybe one change too.

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Thanks Julian for all the hard work put into modding this mess of a board and GL Moe, I'm sure you will need it.

GL mod should still be banned for the main any% category, but if people want to create a new category in the CE board for general fixed rng, I'm ok with. If you gonna get GL all the time, it only make sense to also guarrantee that you get the fastest codes and best enemy positions, spawns and behaviour... and why not allow turbo, free one cycle worm to everybody, so instead of blaming the game, we can now start to blame ourselves for the timeloss in the runs.

And just to finish my little rant, less than 5% of this game is RNG (which in imo is close to nothing) and the game has only ONE FUCKING hard reset point within FUCKING FIVE minutes into the run. People make the rng of this game sound way worse than it actually is.

Anyway, regardless of that, when you start speedrunning some game you should be prepared for all the BS that the run of the game has to "offer" to you, so this whole thing with the GL tool seems unnatural for me.

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it says GGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLL TOOL, not lock RNG tool

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Grenade Launcher is RNG, is it not?

Next argument please... :)

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on any% doesnt exist magnum..... so NO GL is not rng :D

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You can submit a magnum as any% run. Please check my previous/obsolete runs for proof.

I ask again, next argument please :)

Edit: You can also go into power station and get grenade launcher there and submit as any% run.

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okay i ll subtmit a run with gl on magnum%

Florida, USA

You can certainly get GL, but you just can't use it :) As per the rules.

The rules for any% have no rules banning any weapons. Players can use the shotgun, eagle, custom shotgun, magnum, or even the rocket launcher found in the dead factory. In fact, you can do that in magnum route as well, as long as you do not use the grenade launcher.

Any% contains no rule against the grenade launcher or magnum.

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okay so basically what you said is, i cant use the handgun or the knife on magnum%