Birkin G2 Roof Hands Damageless

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Below is a quick guide to avoid the roof hands from Birkin G2 in the sewer power room. Works 100% of the time.

UPDATE: There is a way to skip the sequence entirely. This has been added here

Items Needed:
- 1 Grenade

This trick is nice and simple. Wait for Birkin to break down the door. When he has run to the shutter and throw a single grenade at your feet. This will cause Birkin to skip the hands and go straight to breaking down the door.

Not sure who discovered this one but I first saw it on MIKE__WAVE's stream and CrazyGamingDayz stream.

Video here

Items Needed:
- Nothing

Useful for knife only maybe. Old way

Once Birkin has broken the first door you want to move into the corner with the green hose (shown below).

Once in this corner Birkin will attempt to hit you and miss.

You have two options here based on run. If playing as Claire a single flame round on the arm will go to next phase immediately (Thanks to Crazygamingdayz for finding this). Otherwise after 5 attempts he will move onto breaking down the shutter door. You can move into the corner of the shutter and push forward. As he breaks it down you will pass him immediately no damage.

Included is a video of the trick in action.

Happy Running!