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you can not compare quick croc with opening the lid of your console. quick croc is a skill based skip and opening your lid of your console is just hardware manipulation. runners of this game are aware of this lid opening skip for like 15 years.

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it's hardware manipulation, Quick croc is a strat within the bounds of the game that requires precise timing to speed up the crocs grab animation. It takes practice to pull off and is a legitimate strat.

Quick Croc cannot be compared with opening your disc tray and closing it again to trick the console into skipping an FMV/credits, thats straight up manipulation which saves a huge chunk of time by tampering with the console just before the run ends.

Also just want to point out that this leaderboard isn't "controlled by one german" as @SubsonixSubsonix wrote in your stream, Moderators communicate and the decision to reject Subsonix run wasn't something that nabson acted on alone, it was a joint decision.
infact i've just rejected it again because it was resubmitted.

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How is quick croc the same as opening the disc tray after the run has ended? Strange comparison. One requires skill, the other is 2 minutes time save for doing nothing.

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yeah this sort of thing has been known about since the early 2000's, it can be done with most playstation games. A few games explictly state in the rules that you can't do this sort of thing like FF9 and a few other FF games, most don't bother because it's seen as one of those common sense rules.

we'll add it to the rules just for the sake of future clarifcation.

You can also refer to point #5 under "General Gameplay Rules" for the site which states

"Manipulating the game hardware in such a way to affect the console's reading of the game medium is disallowed. A common example of this is "Crooked Cartridge" on the Nintendo 64."

This can be found here

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Good general rule of thumb is to check if a significant find such as a skip is legal before declaring it speedrun history.

Also one 'controlled by one person' please - his being German is irrelevant; unless you count his access to highly engineered keyboards.

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I have personally felt that there is something nefarious regarding opening a disc tray to skip cutscenes to save time. I remember watching a lot of FF7 runs and thought to myself that they could probably just skip the cutscenes that way to save time. Sure enough there it was in the rules against it.

Aside from that, making the runners who have already submitted their times to the board just to do the runs again only to press a single button on the console at the end seems a bit arbitrary and requires zero skill.

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Fair enough. Again thanks for all your input on regarding this matter.

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Love this.. keep this going


I'd like to thank Subsonix for once again becoming a meme.
The last 24hrs have been entertaining.


I post a legitimate question to ask why and its met with people being toxic


To which it had nothing to do with @SubsonixSubsonix in the first place i was once again asking a legit question to understand why. But again RE community showing its finest right here

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Let's keep the PC master race bullshit outta here, yea? No reason to look down or shit on someone for being a console runner. I'm fuckin tired of seeing that shit.

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@MrLoverLoverMrLoverLover - Do us a favour and delete the account! All you're doing now is giving people the excuse to come in here and say Noxx and Subsonix are being picked on. They stated their case it got denied instantly and one of the named individuals made false accusations against a mod. You're now making it childish where this is giving an excuse of "the community is toxic". A word of advise, if you're going to pipe up, use your real account. If you believe that strongly about your opinion then stand by it with your name. This OG hardware crap has to stop, I can't believe that this is still going on and all this hate towards a runner/mod who helped ALL of us get better at running this game. News flash guys - You are not running an original game on original hardware. It's been over a year, drop it and grow up!

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Thankyou guys. This thread i posted was not to attack anyone I just wanted to ask a question as to why and it has been answered. And it is more than a valid point as to which i understand fully. I agree 100% that this bs has to stop about console/pc it dont matter. I enjoy what i run and that's it.

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Locking this now, the original topic was discussed and since then it's just completely derailed

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