New Autosplitter Built Into LiveSplit
1 year ago
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I have just updated the autosplitter available through LiveSplit for this game (thank you to Carci for letting me post over his).

This functions with all versions of Sourcenext RE2: v1.0 and v1.1 (both with and without REbirth patch). You can name your splits whatever you'd like for these.

It contains options for routed door splits for every category, as well as Hunk/Tofu and EX Battle. There are also set splits for the main game categories as well as the ability to split on key item pickups. **Note that the old Claire B splits files were actually missing a door, so if you use your old splits, you need to add an extra split AFTER the existing split 121.

I have also set the autosplitter to start before the intro cutscene so you no longer need to manually start your splits before each run in order to skip the intro cutscene at the right time.

See the website here for more information:

If anything isn't working properly, please @ me in this thread to let me know, or DM me on Discord! I hope you all find this convenient and useful!

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Tutorial video:

United States

The B scenario timer was failing to start for me just today, so I've made an alternate way for B scenarios to start the timer (still right after loading the save). Not sure why it suddenly stopped working, but I pushed an update to fix it now. Nothing should change on your end. Please @ me here or in the RESpeedruns Discord if you come across any issues!

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