help with basketball court behind kendo's
1 year ago
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Hello everyone. I have seen some runner's go past the 3 zombies that bust open the gate without being bit and also have seen some that can move during the cutscene of the gate being busted open. I did see a forum post about moving during the cutscene some thing about pressing a button at the right time?. If anyone could help me understand how this works i would much appreciate it thanks.

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so in the camera angle as you are looking down, as you are getting the power cable coming across, kinda edge/ tap left and before you get to the cable and then tap aim, and as long as your lining up correctly, the character should auto aim at the zombie allowing us to "quick turn" hopefully as your quick turning, the zombies should bust through the gate. This is also RNG and how far down the ally you are dependant. opening and closing the inventory can also persuade them to burst through. its more of a feel thing so you'll need to practice it a bit. this is how i do it at least, hope this helps

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South Yorkshire, England

this helps a lot thanks man al be sure to practice it there's a few places i need to practice mainly avoiding zombies and the lickers in a few places going in to caution and having to pick up green herbs is slowing me down more then any thing lol also you wouldn't happen to know how to get passed the 3 zombies with out getting bit after the cutscene of them busting open the gate at the basketball court? i have seen it done but for the life of me i can't get it to work but thanks again


This is a Leon A tutorial made by Se3cret but he goes in depth about basketball court, really good to understand it.

If you are playing Claire, the only difference is that you don't have to even shoot the zombies, she can just squeeze through on a lot of RNGs, check a few top runs and you'll understand what I'm saying.

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South Yorkshire, England

thank you everyone this is a real help

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