Do we HAVE to play on PsxFin 1.13 emulator?
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Do we HAVE to play on PsxFin 1.13 emulator?
Missouri, USA

Was wondering if it'd be okay for me to speedrun RE2 on RetroArch with Duckstation/Swanstation emulation? Or with the stand-alone Bizhawk/Duckstation emulators? :)


The rules state that it is a recommendation. Usually in these cases it’s usually a good idea to follow the recommendation as there maybe underlying reasons behind why that specific emulator has been chosen. A moderator will probably have a more suitable answer but I would stick to the recommendation.

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Missouri, USA

Just find it strange out of all the games i have listed for speedruns (like 92+ games), RE2 is the only one that uses Psxfin 1.13, so i was curious as to why. lol

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Like Dave said, I'm no moderator, but I'm pretty sure it's okay at this point to use Duckstation.


That is not what I said at all 😂

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The PS emulation category should be like RE1s Emu category, Duckstation and legacy, reasoning behind this is because ps1.13 is terrible at emulating PS1 games. It looks bad and plays bad, it sounds ok though (mostly)

The top runs on each scenario were done on a really old version of ePSXe which runs considerably faster than ps1.13 and the updated ePSXe emu's which results in massive time save due to loading times alone.

RE2 on Duckstation seems to run really well, have tested a few times myself with decent results in gameplay and all round decent emulation, with the chance of upgrading textures to make it look just like PC if you can't handle old graphics.

Again Duckstation runs slower than PS1.13 but then again you could just crank up the fast disc speed without anyone even knowing cos theres no rules specifying any settings compared to the RE1 board.

PS Emulation categories need updated rules after all these years cos its just sitting there collecting dust

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Texas, USA


No lol I meant in regards to the bit about myself also not being a moderator. Maybe I should've worded that differently 😂