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1 year ago

Is it possible to have horseman 9 run from Van Horn to Blackwater be a competitive category? I could see many reasons why gamers would love this :)


Atm we are fine for new categories!

Thank you for suggesting though :)

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1 year ago

Bro if you're gonna do a competitive map race, do it right. Gaptooth Breach to the very top right corner of the map. /s

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It is a fun idea, but there are a couple of hurdles to think about.

  • Timing rules: What counts as starting from Van Horn? When does the timer start?
  • Necessity/uniqueness: We do have horseman challenges already, as mentioned.
  • Popularity: Every speedgame has a lot of category ideas, to the point where making boards for all of them is simply a waste.

If you want to champion this as an idea, a good starting point is to establish an idea for timing rules, show how it differs from being part of the horseman challenges, and also submit, and get others to submit, a run or two. Thought and interest are what create categories, and without those nobody will really be open to it.

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