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4 years ago
South Dakota, USA

Found one but it's very risky if anyone else wants to test it they can, but when I timed it and compared against Mikkel's time in his wr it should save about 6 seconds to the ride of the cliffside:

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South Dakota, USA

I don't know if this is known or not because in the Any% guide it's says nothing about any difference in the tap delay assist except that hold is faster but I've tested it on the saloon fight and using 4x instead is noticeably faster getting out of Tommy's scripted grapples, Instead of taking five elbows for the first grapple it's only two with the 4x assist. first scripted grapple is at 46 seconds in the video and the second one is at 1 minute 13 seconds:

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Found by Adil/213213yoyo


You can skip the cliff and dialogue from Dutch by just riding straight down to Bill (saves about 20 seconds)

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Dialogue skip found by Lalpop+Cody Knight Basically you skip the slowdown and dialogue when Arthur walks to a mission by entering it from above. Works in American Pastoral Scene + My Last Boy, could possibly work in other missions as well.

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this might save a bit of time but prob not worth it currently


ride into tree instead of exhausting horse normally strat


credit to rvan for this one, reset checkpoint strat: place deer on horse to advance the checkpoint then reset it so Charles is ready to ride.

You can also do this later in this mission by making the bear mad (look for red things on minimap) and resetting checkpoint then you will be placed further ahead on the map.

Also works in chapter 5 with gloria (greedy gold lady) where you kill yourself in the deep cliff to spawn at the gate.


this is a massive timesave but it also activates audio glitch so unless we find a way to make more use of it or fix the audio glitch then it's not worth. (you fix audio glitch by restarting game) It might also not be easy to replicate. Maybe on PS5 with faster loads.


shooting fussar straight away

stealing a horse is faster but really hard, also here is this glitchy vid if you ride your horse into the cutscene


better version of this strat is to get a fire bottle in you hand while you walk with the kids (pc only) and then run and throw it above the wagon. then you don't have to lose time to resetting checkpoint.

this is a bit faster i reckon, but you often softlock. there's probably a way to avoid the softlock but i don't care looking into it

faster route in the wheel saves like 15 seconds maybe


found by vanovist


Hi all,

So today while finding some new routes etc i found this route which saves around 13 seconds. Basically to sum this up what saves the time on this route is there is a section where you can do 4-5 long horse jumps or as i like to call them ''boost jumps'' and they save you the 13 seconds. You cannot do these jumps by going the normal route.

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