ILs Bounty now open (closes March 30th 2023)
2 years ago
United Kingdom

As some of you guys know the original bounty set last year would've been determined today but due to unforeseen circumstances in the community that saw a lot of runners runs disappearing it was determined that the bounty should be reset and started again in order for fairness within the Bounty competition.

The Bounty: I really want to see this community become a lot more active and competitive so I am setting a bounty to hopefully bring in more players as well as make current community more active. I am Setting the bounty at $300 to be claimed according to the rules below.

The Rules: The bounty will be split amongst all IL record holders as of the closing date of March 30th 2023, This means if you hold one record or twenty records you will be eligible to claim a split of the prize money but you are more likely to secure a spot if you have more IL records to your name. The split rule also mean if 10 people hold records they will receive a split of $30 each and if 4 people have it they claim $75 each. I myself will be competing but I will not be eligible for the prize money as I am setting the bounty so if the IL record holders on closing date are me and four other people the four other people will claim the bounty and I get nothing.

Prologue: The bounty may be increased as the competition goes on depending on how many people actively compete in the IL categories. I would like to wish you all luck in the competition and I hope you enjoy the challenge.

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United Kingdom

After over a year of surge in the ILs of this games wonderful community I am very pleased to announce that all the IL's have been taken before the deadline and the following people have won a slice of the $300 bounty I set.

syuseo StevenGeko SeaIslive hoxi LewBikes Adam000 MechanicCactuss Hess An0nym0usPLC1898 FreshRigi jjwaller2008 Protector Demomute ZsombiaZsombi Psyhc cytax Meamv1 RunLeech kriel

Congratulations to all who won a split of the bounty, I'll be in touch with all winners over the course of the next month and there will be a 3 month limit to respond to claim your prize, if split of prize goes unclaimed then it will either be forwarded towards a future bounty or to a charity.

Special shout out to all the runners up on good efforts all around and bringing more people to the community and A special shout out to the moderators for ensuring a level and fair playing field amongst the community.

Thank you all for taking part and I'll be in touch shortly.

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