What is considered a "Reset" on Bizhawk? Emulator question.
1 year ago
Kentucky, USA

I just submitted a run the other day that was rejected due to the use of a "savestate" which I didn't think I was using. This is also the first time I've submitted a run using Bizhawk.

I was told to use the "Reset" function next time. Does that mean a soft reset or a hard reset? I want to make sure the next time I do submit a Power Blade run or any games using Bizhawk I'll know what to do and not to do.


Hard resets are preferred! What I tend to do is to set my Reset key to R on my keyboard (which you can do in Config > Hotkeys) so that it's convenient for my brain!

It basically resets the NES console to a blank state, as if you pressed the power button off, and on again!

I hope this helps ^^

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Kentucky, USA

Thanks NeoKad. I'm pretty sure I didn't use a savestate when I was doing my run last night. I checked my video again to see if a savestate was used...

I set my hard reset on enter key and soft on the right shift key.

I think it must've been when I hit the start button during the demo. Still, I plan to try again.

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so I was just typing my answer explaining what the problem for us was... when I realized that both Xen and I are just stupid :D so for some reason we were like "yeah, that reset at the beginning looks like a savestate because it goes instant to the title screen instead of having a black screen first for a bit"... but there never was a reset, you just went from the intro cutscene to the title screen lol I will have to review my decision, you are probably good, sorry for that haha but for future reference: please try to actually include a reset at the beginning of the video for verification purposes.

Kentucky, USA

My apologies. If I was doing runs on Bizhawk, I would NEVER use a savestate for actual runs. But, yeah. I'll be sure to include resets at the start of the video from here on out.

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Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

I assume it's under "genereal rules for NES" games on the rules section. But maybe for something like the reset included - does it make sense to put that in the rules, too? We have it for both CV4 and Cv2 BR oh and for Aladdin as well. Feel like that's probably easier for ppl to see and include it?

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