Tools (external link)
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Add this to your Demo Timer along with your other run demos to get your final Chapter 6 time. (external link)
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Demo Timer (external link)
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These are the Portal 2 and Portal 2 coop demo timers if you need them, The Portal 2 one you have to remove the first and last demo and manual time them. The coop one automatically does but you have to be blue to get accurate results. (direct download)
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Most Recent SAR (external link)
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DEPRECATED This tool is currently only used if you do not use SAR. It is also somewhat buggy, in general, avoid this timer if you aren't comfortable with demo recording already or are looking to run without SAR. (direct download)
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mlugg and co
A useful set of default configurations for the game and SAR. Handles timing and category detection for the runner. Requires SAR to work. (external link)
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Contains: 1.) Doorskip 2.) Double dialog skip 3.) Elevator skip 4.) Tube bounce (if you don't want to do stuck launch) (direct download)
A recommended save file to use for Container Ride Save. (external link)
All Courses splits for Livesplit (direct download)
All Courses splits file for SLT (direct download)
Splits for AMC (direct download)
Any% Splits for Livesplit (direct download)
Blank splits file for Portal 2 - These are configured for container ride save, but you can change that by changing "Start Timer at:" to 0.00. These splits are best used with the subsplits feature in your Livesplit layout, but can be used the standard splits without issue. NOTE: If you aren't using SAR, you will have to enable auto splitting in the edit splits menu. If you are using SAR, (like is recommended), then this should work perfectly straight out of the box. (direct download)