March 8th Rule Changes and Announcements.
March 8th Rule Changes and Announcements.
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Hello! This time the rule changes are being posted to SRC only a day late instead of 8 months late! I still would like to apologize for that small of a delay. This won't have as big of announcement as the last one, but will still contain some important changes.

First, functional commands can no long be automated using sar_on_load or anything similar. A definition of functional commands can be found @ and there will also be a list of commands that have already been given a definition as to whether they are considered an action, function or non-functional command. This rule change will not go into effect immediately, as we are going to be giving a grace period for runners to change over any configs/binds that would no longer be allowed under the new rules. This grace period ends on March 14th, 2023 @ 11:59 PM EST (March 15th @ 4:59 AM UTC). If you need help changing over any configs or binds, please join our discord @ and we would be glad to help.

Secondly, There is now a google form to request vscripts to be added to the new vscript whitelist. As you may know we decided to introduce a three strikes system relating to vscripts back in December. However we have decided to give the community a chance to request vscripts to be allowed to be present in the game files while doing runs. It is important to note that not all requests that are turned in on the form will be accepted, and as such you should still error to the side of caution when running with vscripts. Expect a follow up announcement in the coming weeks for the first wave of whitelisted vscripts. The form to request vscripts to be added to the whitelist can be found here:

Lastly, We have new verifiers!!! While they have been brought onto the team about a month and a half ago, I'd like to formally announce our new verifiers. Our new verifiers are Turkeywithacomputer, Wolfboy248 and FatPerson115. If you feel like you'd want to become a verifier, you can always apply in our discord and check the pins in the #src-announcements channel to find the form.

Stay cool gamers, Fridge.

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From now on, for top 50 times, both partners must submit their demos. As such, it will also be required for to submit any .vpks that are used during the runs. If you have any questions, you can join our discord @ or you can create a forum post here.

The rules site has also gotten

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