New Variable for Solo-Coop Runs.
New Variable for Solo-Coop Runs.
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Hello gamers, 2 SRC posts within a week, and this time its coming right after the announcement in our discord (! This post will be about a new variable for the solo-coop category, Dual Control.

Dual Control refers to being able to control both bots at the same time. This can be achieved by using keyboard and mouse (or controller) for one bot while being able to control the other bot with a secondary controller. This has always been allowed for the category, however it was only until recently that a run was done using Dual Control, which caused some discussion about how we would represent it on the leaderboards. With all variables, there is a way to filter runs by a given value of the variable, so you can still see leaderboards for runs without Dual Control or with Dual Control respectively.

Runs will now require a value for “Dual Control” to submit a run. If you are running with only keyboard and mouse or with controller, you’d submit with “no'' for this field. If you are running with both keyboard and mouse and controller, you’d select “yes” for this field, as you’d have control of both bots at all times.

If there are enough Dual Control runs on the boards, then it may be moved to a sub-category in the future, but until then both values of the variable will be on the same leaderboard page.

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From now on, for top 50 times, both partners must submit their demos. As such, it will also be required for to submit any .vpks that are used during the runs. If you have any questions, you can join our discord @ or you can create a forum post here.

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