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1 month ago
United States

This may sound stupid, but how do I time my runs to 3 decimal places? I have been doing it with Livesplit's Game Time Source Split setting, but is there a better way? Thank you so much for your time!


go to livesplit -> edit layout -> layout settings -> Timer -> Timer format

United States

That only lets me get to 2 decimal places, unless I'm missing something. Thank you!

KĂžbenhavn, Denmark

demos, or just submit using livesplit time and verifiers will retime it


Considering that the game gets updated at a fixed tick rate (15 ms / tick), displaying milliseconds wouldn't really increase the timing accuracy.

California, USA

hi, you can always use time2tick++ in bot-spam in the discord to check your third decimal place, otherwise you can see if your seconds are divisible by 0.015, if it is its a .xx0 otherwise its .xx5

i remember a way you could show the hidden 3rd decimal but it always just flashes between 0 and 5 as well as it requiring you to replace some files in livesplit

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