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Every rules request have to be post here, so anyone can say what they think and what they want. Don't just ask mod in private message or in a private group.

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Ok so I've read the rules and even looked at previous forum posts about this but, No brining turrets to Glados is Glitchless? seriously...? You know there is more than one way to get the turret to shoot at glados other than bringing it into the room right? I do it in this video here:

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The video is useless, it's been for quite a while that various strategies existed to shoot GlaDOS. About your request, here is something I can say : Glitchless doesn't literally mean glitchless. One, glitches are mostly subjective. Two, glitchless rules are just a finite set of rules that the community agreed to run against. Three, for Portal, there are several tricks/abuse that were considered a glitch when I ran the game but are now not considered a glitch anymore Four: I understand your request, but it's very unlikely that it will make things change anyways, you can still request Glitchless with Turret Kill in if you want to run against that Five: Various logic_relay entities agree to the fact that killing GlaDOS in a non-floor_turret NPC wasn't intended at all.

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Suggestion: Allow cl_mouselook "0" - that is, to disable mouse controls. This is a necessary workaround to be able to control the camera (to look up/down) with a gamepad or keyboard keys. I consider it to be a bug that this is not possible in the menu, since the game does actually allow for keybinds for 'Look up' and 'Look down'.

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Hey, I submitted my first run about a week ago and I just now saw it was rejected because "Rejected: Pauses have to be timed" I don't know what that means, I didn't stop the timer at any point, and I used an auto splitter from live split to be sure I did it right. If anyone can tell me how to properly avoid this please let me know.

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In the SourceSplit settings, you have to set the timing to "Engine Ticks with Pause". So when you are the menu, the timer should keep moving. To access this setting: Edit Splits : Settings (near the Activate/Deactivate) Edit: You are also posting in an unappropriated topic.

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a question about least portals glitchless (well two really) In 02 with the blue portal gun you can kind of do the same thing. if you grab the radio without picking up the gun, you can stick the radio into the gun and get it to shoot in a different direction. If it hits the floor at the right angle, you can pick up the gun and go through the portal before it fizzles, without shooting any. If you pick up the dual portal device in ch 11 as the shot is in the air, it will still land without getting fizzled. Are either of these glitches? I asked Ace and he didn't think so, but I just want a few more opinions.

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Engine-wise, these aren't glitches. To grab the radio in 02 without portal gun, you need ABH + doorlaunch so I guess it's a glitch then. Anyways if someone used it, people would vote it.

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You don't need abh to grab the radio. Once you go through the portal, you can jump on top of the wall at the same level as the orange. Then jump around and grab the radio in mid air

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True, didn't thought of this solution. Though I think it's a glitch.

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I disagree 100% that it's a glitch. It's 2 physics objects interacting in a way that simply changes where the portal gun is aiming.

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Engine wise it's not a glitch. Though if you lose at the portal placeholder they made the pillar as complicated a possible so that it doesn't fall off, deviating the portalgun is indeed a glitch. Also the question is useless since it's not part of any route.


Reminder to fix the glitchless IL rules, which apparently are incomplete. Also for the other 2 ILs being single-segment (as in started by the load trigger in the previous map) means you can build up speed via ABH, bring props (and in the case of escapes in particular you can bring already placed Portals) from any previous chamber or adjust aim for seamshots; These 3 things in my opinion defeat the purpose of IL runs (as in completing a single level by itself) and should maybe be rethought at some point.

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This has most likely has already been asked before, and is probably gonna be rejected, but it's worth a try. I feel that a ABH/AFH/ASH script should be allowed. the script should only do constent space inputs. any script that includes: mouse movement , moving in general (WASD input), and crouching are not allowed. I think this should be allowed because the current method of binding the scroll wheel to +jump isn't easy (or consistent) for people who don't scroll very fast or have/want to spend money on a hyper scroll mouse. There can be an "official" script and adding/plugin/whatever (basically, there will be only one script and what ever makes that script work that is allowed). I highly suggest that we use a plugin or an addon for the console, because external programs are much hard to monitor . If a runner is doing a run with the script, in order for the run to be considered legit, they MUST show them binding the script to space or a key. If you guys feel that's not enough proof, than they HAVE to use some input display to prove that they are pressing that key (just in case they show the binding, but press a different key during the run). I hope you can consider my request. I don't expect this to be approved, but asking is better than doing nothing.


I know the above post is 2 months old, but just for clarification:

you neither have to scroll very fast nor do you need a "hyper scroll mouse" to have good ABHing. Infact, if you scroll too fast, like half of the inputs won't even get recognized by the game. You really just need to time your scrolls well, which might take some time to get down properly.

If your mouse is actually incapable of scrolling for abh, you should consider upgrading it not just for portal :^)

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