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jump button in glitchless

"Hello everyone,

I'm an avid Portal speedrunner and I have a question regarding the rules and guidelines for speedruns in this community. I was wondering if it would be permissible to use two jump buttons instead of the default one for completing speedruns.

I've been experimenting with different control setups and have found that assigning two separate jump buttons allows for faster and more precise movement in certain scenarios. Before incorporating this control scheme into my speedruns, I wanted to seek clarification from the community.

I would greatly appreciate it if the experienced speedrunners and moderators could provide some insights into this matter. Your guidance and expertise would be invaluable in helping me determine the viability of using two jump buttons in Portal speedruns.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Texas, USA

yes, you can bind a button to multiple commands (+jump)

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Oklahoma, USA

Most players use three jump binds. The first two are the mouse wheel binds. The main benefit is that they have a property that because they aren't held inputs, they always release immediately. This is an efficient way to do repeated jump inputs, and doing multiple jump inputs like this can increase the leniency of things like bunnyhopping because of the redundant inputs.

bind mwheelup +jump bind mwheeldown +jump

and one other bind is needed that can be held for swimming, because scrolling in water doesn't lend itself to swimming very effectively. I'll use space for the example because it is the most common, but I'll also suggest you try others if its not immediately comfortable for you to hold while swimming

bind space +jump

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