how do i find my load removed time?
29 days ago
United States

i dont know how to find load removed time for my portal 1 speedrun

New York, USA
She/Her, They/Them
29 days ago

If you are using the autosplitter in livesplit it should remove the loads automatically as you run.

Alternatively you can record demos and calculate your time using Untitled Parser

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Śląskie, Poland

In case you are using livesplit: Right-click on the livesplit window -> Compare against -> Select the last option ("Game Time"). Without changing the global comparison theme: Right-click on the livesplit window -> Select "Edit layout". Double left-click on Timer (or Detailed Timer). From the Timing Method selection box, choose "Game Time".

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United States

Zoreo, thanks a lot for the response! i didn't know that the auto splitter already did the work for me! Thanks a bunch!

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