Legacy Chamber 18
5 years ago
New South Wales, Australia

I see people in Legacy runs skipping the turret room in chamber 18 but i cant figure our how to do it. How do you skip the turret room without using save glitch.

Essex, England

This is the way I do it:

  1. Go into the turret room and shoot down the camera.
  2. Take the camera out of the room and place it in front of the button door.
  3. Open the door so that the camera gets wedged in the door, then step off the button.
  4. Go over to the door and, through the opening, shoot a portal.
  5. Shoot a portal outside and go through it.
  6. Complete momentum puzzle as normal. (I think you can do something with the camera that launches you but I’m not sure if that’s source unpack exclusive, but I remember seeing someone get launched across the room) If none of that made sense, watch one of my inbounds runs. It’s one of the few tricks I utilise.
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United States

Hi, I was going to link you to the ultimate portal guide, but i realized the 18 legacy route was missing, so I made a video for it.

I hope it's helpful.

For any other questions for routes, I would recommend consulting the Ultimate Portal Speedrun Guide (linked in guides or at http://bit.ly/PortalSpeedrunGuide ) or ask in the portal speedrunning discord, as many runners do not actively check these forums.

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New South Wales, Australia

Thanks so much Msushi :D

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