Can't lauch the game with Source Unpack on linux.
2 months ago

Hello there and thanks for reading,

I'm having a problem while launching the game using the Portal.bat file of source unpack.

When I launch portal direcly from steam, it works well (I own a copy of the game btw) !

But after following the tutorial provided for linux users (Yes I know, but my windows PC just broke), I add Portal.bat file as a non-steam game and set compatibility to proton 8.0, the game tries to start (I can see a CLI poping in and out) and Steam starts the game but closes it 3 seconds later (I can't even see the window of the game)

If someone has an idea or had the same experience ...

What I've tried :

  • Changing proton version of portal.bat file
  • Renaming all files to lowercase
  • Re-downloading Portal & Source_Unpack (now v.2.5)

Note : I'm running on Xubuntu

Thanks in advance

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Can you try setting the launch options in Steam's settings for the game to:

%command% > $HOME/portal.log 2>&1

This will save the game's and proton's logs to a file called portal.log in your home directory, which could help with debugging. If the game is crashing you should be able to see the reason why in the log.

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