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7 years ago

map testchmb_a_00-15 and map escape_00-02

United Kingdom

I have just made a save for each chamber and called them "1, 2, 3" etc Then I just go into console and type "load 18" for example.

French Southern Territories

Useful commands bind <key> <command> save <name> load <name> map <name> exec <name> host_writeconfig quit restart_level

Indiana, USA

Put the contents of this folder(from the resources tab on the left) into your SAVES folder:

Then use the command "load <chamber number>" to load whatever chamber you want.Test chambers before chamber 10 have a 0 before it. For example chamber 5 is "load 05" in console.

You can also make your own saves. Position Chell in the exact time and place you want to load from and type "save <name>" in console. Then "load <name>"

French Southern Territories

I don't understand how it's better to have saves for maps. The map names are really short, and easy to remember and in Portal, there aren't many maps.

United States

Can someone explain how the fuck to make it so that cl_showpos 1 is part of the startup command? And please don't just say "make and auto-exec".


bind (any key you want) "speedrun_start;cl_showpos 1"

French Southern Territories

In cfg folder, open autoexec.cfg and edit it

United States

How do you edit the cfg, the edit option doesn't pop up?

Overijssel, Netherlands

Open the file using a text editor (like notepad).

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Starting today, runs that require video proof (top 25) and runs beyond that where video is the only form of proof, now require audio, as recording audio for only the game is now a native OBS feature.

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