New rules section for portal categories
8 years ago

We just rewrote the rules section for portal no oob and oob. Legacy etc will follow since they require a bit more work.

So far no changes to actual rules were made, we just wrote them more clear and switched from blacklisting commands to whitelisting them as it is easier and clearer to maintain.

Should you find any missing information that NEEDS to be in there or a missing command that was previously allowed please make a post in this thread.

Yes, i know its a wall of text, we might just set the default to hidden after a while.

This is NOT the place to discuss if something should or should not be allowed as, once again, this isnt CHANGING the rules - just REWRITING and CLARIFYING them.

"Note: This is only a rewritten rule section switched to whitelisting things instead of blacklisting, no actual changes yet, should i have forgotten a already allowed and used command (no, timescale is not allowed...) please contact an active moderator (fnzzy, xeiz, ???)

Goal: Beat the game without having your camera or placed portals leave the map and without scripts,macros or cheats. Beat the game in one sitting, quicksaves and quickloads are allowed. _

Version: For portal runs the Source Unpack is used which can be found in the resource section, you can do runs on the latest steampipe but note that not all tricks will be usable (mainly saveglitch) _

Timing: Timing begins when the crosshair appears and ends when it disappears after Glados' death. Timing is done using Ingametime - Livesplit is highly recommended due to its auto-start/stop and load removal. _

Proof: All runs HAVE to be submitted with some sort of proof in form of a video, demos or (for now) a screenshot. In case of suspicion a video or demos can be requested by the mods. Videos have to show the full run from start to finish. Demos can automatically be recorded with Maxxuss' demo plugin (see resources). Screenshots should show the full splits of the submitted run (not after resetting the splits). _

Allowed commands/bindings: -Any bind that is accessible from the menu -sv_player_funnel_into_portals binding (checkbox in the menu) -toggle_duck binding (default controller bind) -cl_showpos 1 -binds for sensitivity -save/load on one key binding -custom named save binds -demo plugin related binds _

If you are unsure about a command, bind or other rule please ask via the forum.

(Friday, August 28, 2015)"

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