Is controller remapping software allowed?
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Is controller remapping software allowed?
Nova Scotia, Canada

I usually play games using a controller with gyro aim, using software like Steam Input to map it to keyboard+mouse input, and I've been wanting to get into Glitchless for this game, using the same controller I usually use because I'm a lot better with gyro than with mouse and I find a controller a lot more comfortable

Is it legal to use remapping software like Steam Input to map controller functions to keyboard and mouse (in a 1:1 manner)? I can't figure out where the rules stand on that, with it seeming a bit more complicated to me because Steam Input in the latest SteamPipe version is technically an official feature of the game

I also want to ask, assuming that it is legal, if it would also be legal to map the jump button to be a turbo button (most remappers also have a function for this), because there's no scroll wheel on a controller to bind +jump to for bunnyhopping, and it seems to me like a turbo button is essentially the same idea as if you used a mouse with a frictionless scroll wheel and let it spin

United States

if its not in the rules it might be allowed but turbo probably isnt allowed

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