Why does Puzzle Challenge Require Video?
8 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Pokemon Puzzle League doesn't require video, and that game is on a home console where it's much easier to get video. (EDIT: Looks like Tetris Attack doesn't require video either)

This game's a handheld title on Color and Nintendo 3DS. We even have the option of Nintendo 3DS as an option despite that game's capture cards being $200+.

So if we get a nice time on our 3DS, we're not able to submit it?

EDIT: To clarify why I made this thread, it's because I was doing some runs while watching my sisters (I babysit in the morning) and wanted to submit a time I got, but it would not let me submit any times if I didn't include a video link.

Missouri, USA

Actually, new submissions have always required video. A lot of times were imported, presumably from PBTracker or something like that, before I even knew that these leaderboards existed, but I haven't had the heart or the pressure to remove them.

Unfortunately, the only good way to prove that times are legitimate are through video of those times happening. I may have Tweeted a picture of me improving my Intense mode time by 54 seconds, but there's no way in hell I would update my time because I can't actually show what I did to get that time. Quite frankly, I don't see the point of allowing runs without a record of them happening, not just a record that they happened.

We will probably always require video for runs and, at some point, I will probably get videos of the times that don't have them and delete the rest.

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North Carolina, USA

It's really just that because this game is on a handheld where capture is extremely difficult, it promotes piracy just to submit times, as well as using inferior control schemes.

Because of those two, times that would be on the boards will not reflect actual obtainable times from each party. Which I feel is a more than fair point. Especially when there's an in-game timer that can be used to verify a time. (Edit: Runs aren't even being verified by a mod for legitimacy, it seems.)

Darko, another Puzzle League series mod, has no videos for any of their times other than one exception for a single category on Puzzle League. So your response was actually unexpected XD It'd either mean that at one point video was not a requirement and that it was changed later, or that they used moderator privileges to get around it.

It's not as big of a deal as I think I'm making it out to be, just that I've never used an emulator before as I don't like piracy, and using a Webcam on my Gameboy Color doesn't produce anywhere near a clear image.

I'm trying to have a setup for my 3DS where I clip and HD webcam on a amazon box, but playing while trying to see the screen for that is awkward LOL

Thanks for the thorough response though.