Pokemon Puzzle Challengs Icons and Splits
8 years ago
Wisconsin, USA

I have made splits for easy, normal and hard in wsplit as well as icons for splits.

I like having icons on my splits and I figured I'd share them with others. Why? Cause I like having all my ducks in a row and I like making sure that everything is as clean as it can be. This wont be the first time, there will be more, because as other games I play that may or may not have icons and stuff I'll make them.

The splits are titled (easy, normal, hard) and have their respective opponents listed.

I don't know if links are allowed for new users or not but here are three links.

One is main splits and icons in one .zip file and the other two are for their respective things (splits and icons)

If links aren't available I apologize but like I said I wanted to share these with others.

Everything is in .zip

Icons and Splits






I hope someone can find these of some use to them as I do :)

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North Carolina, USA

Hey thanks a ton for the icons! :) /

I'll definitely use these in my Timer to add some nice aesthetic to the timer :D

Wisconsin, USA

You're welcome :) They are all 90x90 which is good cause wsplits uses I believe 32x32 so it retains a lot of the quality :)