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Pass all classes as fast as possible (For Jacq, you would either need to unlock the pokedex reward system or attend his one class, up to interpretation) (no need to achieve max bond cuz u need to go to post game) the stuff in brackets are my interpretation of how the category should work and i dont feel that you need to complete stuff in relation to clavell, jacq and nurse miriam (finish team star, complete pokedex and beat champ)

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Does the timer start when you can attend the classes? Also when the leaderboard start

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@Zachpro Click on the discord logo at the top of the page to go to the switch speedrunning discord and you'll find some discussion about it there. It hasn't been decided on yet but it will be soon.

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All Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch run significantly faster on Digital copies. It is therefore recommended to download them for speedruns.

Additionally, make sure to store the games on your internal storage and not an SD card, as these also have longer load times. You can move a digital game

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