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with the pokeball plus controller, you're able to take a pokemon on a stroll to walk/play with them. After doing so, the pokemon gains XP based on various factors.

Question being: Would this be legal/viable in a run.

The only hindrance i see it adding, time wise, if the connection of the device upon add/removing the 'mon. Becaue to note, even if the 'mon is on a stroll it does not remove it from the game. You can still battle with it.

I could see adding your main to the Pokeball, strolling with it all run, then bringing it back with that extra XP from the last leg, or a difficult fight if there is one (I havent seen any runs yet, This was kinda just a shower thought kinda thing)


It has very bad controls


@Eliminationz I did not mean to use it as the main controller. Purely use it to "walk" and play with the 'mon to get XP for it if it is needed. (Could be a good back-up strat for a marathon run if it ever makes it to one)


Should you have completed a run of this category yet, let us know and you'll be able to request your category here: