Alt Main Pokes in 16h 15m 20s by

Run started on Jan 31st around noon Eastern Time, ended Feb 1st around 4:15am. DeSmuME_0.9.11 was used. The reason I performed this run was that I heard of the bounty that existed for Sunflora alt-main, with the top 2 runs by the end of the month winning. Having heard only one person did an attempt, and 2nd place was basically free, I decided to do a "run" to get 2nd for the competition. I intended on doing a run last weekend, but was not feeling well enough to do a 12 hour stream (had headaches throughout the week, and would not have been able to finish what eventually turned out to be an over 16 hour run). Wednesday (the final day) was my first time I was healthy enough and available/able to do the run, and due to it being a 16 hour run, it ended after the deadline. I am hoping this run can still be accepted for the bounty competition for before January 31. The entire run was streamed on Twitch. Also, on a separate but related note, I do not feel comfortable having my runs on the leaderboards on this site due to bullying in other games. The only reason I am submitting this run is for the bounty, but I do not want the run to actually remain on the leaderboards once the bounty is completed. I am more than willing to explain what has happened to me if necessary. If some of this description doesn't make sense, I just finished an over 16 hour run, and my brain is a bit fried, but I hope this is well enough explained.

Mod note: retimed to 16:15:20, please contact Sakharu. on Discord (Sakharuu on Twitch) to inquire about the bounty

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16h 15m 20s
2 months ago
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