Any% - Crafted - 14th August 2017
Any% - Crafted - 14th August 2017
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Encounter/spinner manipulation up to Eterna:


11/13/2074 3:15 -13.83, clear TV broadcast at 1:26.36

EonTimer settings (for DS): Calibrated Delay: 591 Calibrated Sec.: 14 Target Delay: 4920 Target Sec.: 39 (Add 12830 and 86360 in custom)

-2 26851 (L+U) -1 62341 (D) 0 14093 (U+L) +1 47130 (U+D+R) +2 23758 (U+D)

pick girl, remember to set options Buy 9 Potions, 1 Paralyz Heal Scratch all starly. Starly does 4(6) with Tackle, 6(7) with QA. Scratch x3,Ember x2 | Ember x2 Bidoof does 3(4), Shinx does 2(3) Go to trainer school, talk to rival and fight abras (girl first) Scratch+Scratch[Ember] | Scratch+Ember First abra does 8-9(10), second does 7-8(9) Heal to 11HP, and teach Hidden Power(Taunt) Find clowns and answer yes to all. Get poketch and head east to rival Ember x2,Scratch+HP (HP x2 if growled) Starly does 4(6), Piplup does 4(5)

Go straight to oreburgh mine. Go west where path forks, pick up escape rope, talk to Roark. Teach Rock Smash(Scratch), Heal to 22HP and escape rope out. Go to gym. Roark: HP,HP,HP x3 Cranidos does 21-24(25) or 12-14(15)

Go back to Jublilfe Ember wurmple, ember zubat Zubat does 3(4) Don't teach Mach Punch Talk to girl to east and get pecha berrys (right), then go back to Floroma and north to grunts NPCs move U,L,R and way back R,L,D,U Ember,Ember | Ember x2 Go to valley windworks RS Fake out does 6(7) Equip pecha berry and heal to 43HP before going in. Mars: Ember x2/3, RS+Leer+RS (skip Leer if Def drop) Purugly does 12-13(15) or 6-7

Heal to 17HP or if risking blaze 11HP. Dude should face down, hiker turns 3 before Ember bugs, HP[Ember] pacharisu (ko pacharisu if in blaze on wurmple/cascoon) Pacharisu does 9-10(12) at Lv16, 7-9(10) at Lv17 Beautifly does 20-24(26) Fight psychics in double battle HP+Ember abras Teach Flame Wheel(Hidden Power) Straight to gym when get to Eterna. FW,FW | FW,Ember,FW | FW | FW Gardenia: FW,FW(FW),Leer+FW or FW+Leer+FW if Reflect

Heal to 12HP and teach HM01 Cut(ember¤) and go to the Galactic Building. Fight grunts individually. ¤teach over leer if in blaze (12-20HP) FW all (Ember all in blaze except kadabra) Jupiter: FW, FW+Leer+FW or FW+[FW] or [Ember]+[FW] Skuntank does 12-14(15) Go to the underground man's house and get explorer kit. Then get bike and use blue post to ride it.

South to Bike Path. Tweak through to Oreburgh. Go to jubilife. Repel in cave. Tweak into void inside Poketch Co. Save & reset when reloading map. Go round to top left and then west and at veilstone mart save & reset. 1 step west, save & reset again. Hold left, and done.

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