Any% Glitchless - Crafted - 21st January 2017
Any% Glitchless - Crafted - 21st January 2017
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Encounter manipulation at start:

Bibarel to Chansey manipulation:


22/05/2098 8:57 Calibrated Delay: 591 Calibrated Sec.: 14 Target Delay: 5064 Target Sec.: 36 (Add 7420 and 88770 in custom)

-2 28002 -1 52260 0 02084 +1 54853 +2 35943

Buy 5 potions at Sandgem Leer+Scratches Starly. Starly does 6(7) with QA. Scratch x3,Ember x2. Bidoofs do 3(4) Catch Bidoof. Ember to weaken. Ember x2 Shinx. Go to trainer's school, talk to Barry then fight trainers. Scratch+Scratch[Ember] | Scratch+Ember 1st Abra does 7-8(9). 2nd Abra does 6-7(8). Heal to 12HP and teach Hidden Power(Taunt). Ember x2,Scratch+HP Rival. (Lead with HP if crit Starly) Starly does 4(6). Piplup does 4(5) Catch Starly (Scatch to weaken) Starly does 3(4) Fight wild Geodude with HP. Get escape rope, talk to Roark Teach Rock Smash, heal to 27HP and escape rope Roark: HP,HP,HP x2/3 Headbutt does 18-21(22), 28-33(34) at -1 Pursuit does 11-12(13), 17-19(20) at -1

1801 | D,L | L,R | Turn,middle grass 1802 | D,L | D,U | Turn,middle grass 1803 | U,R | D,R | No turnframe, left

Go to mart, Buy 1 Net Ball (left) and 10 Repels (right). Go back to Jubilife, fight Galactics. Ember Wurmple, Ember Zubat Learn Mega Punch(Scratch). Repel before grass. (HP) | (Ember,MP) [Keep track of $ from spinners] Talk to girl, go back to meadow and fight grunts. Ember,Ember | Ember x2 Go back to Valley windworks. MP | (Ember) Equip Pecha Berry and heal to 44HP. Mars: Ember x2/3,MP+Leer+MP (MP x2/3 at Lv.16) Zubat does 2-3 with Bite Purugly does 12-13(15) or 8-9(10) Heal to 19HP and repel. (HP,HP,MP+Ember,MP[Ember]) Ember bugs, MP[Ember] x2/3 Pachirisu Pacharisu does 7-9(10), Beautfly does 18-20(24), outspeeds at -2 or paralyzed. Fight abras in double, Ember x2 both. Teach Flame Wheel(Ember) Repel before grass. Straight to Gym in Eterna. FW all gym trainers. Gardenia: FW,FW,FW(FW)

Buy 5 Heal Powder, 2 EnergyPowder, 4 Energy Root. (3 EnergyPowder with $340 extra) Heal to 11HP, teach Cut to Bidoof, get Thief TM and go into Galactic building. If poisoned, drop to 11-17HP. FW,MP | FW,FW | FW,FW,FW | FW Jupiter: FW,FW+Leer+FW or FW+[FW] or [FW x2] Skuntank does 12-13(14) Get explorer kit (say no) and bike. Register and use bike and go down cycling road. (Get hidden revive after Lucas) (HP,HP,FW,HP) Get hidden rare candy. Repel before Mt Coronet (HP,FW) Get hidden ether after Cyrus. (HP,HP) | (HP) Go to contest hall. Deposit slaves & heal monferno. Rival: FW,HP x2¤,MP x2/3,(Leer if at -2)+FW ¤HP+MP at Lv.25 with no growl Cut through grass to avoid spinner. Repel at twins. Go to lost tower and keep repelling. (FW). Get Strength (left) and then go down. Catch Bibarel. Teach Thief to Bibarel and Grass Knot(Leer) to Monferno. (keep defense curl)

Manip Lucky egg chansey.
Only times need more than Level+Sex+HP+Nature:
Lv16 | F | 51HP | Bashful | Check Def
Lv16 | M | 54HP | Gentle | Check Atk
Lv16 | M | 54HP | Timid | Check Atk
Do not need nature on:
All Lv18 and Lv17 Females (unless 54HP with berry)
Give Lucky egg to Monferno straight away.(and heal to 25HP)
FW x2,MP
Bronzor does 20-24(26)
Before spinner, Repel and heal to full. (FW x3)
Fight trainers individually.
Kadabra does 56-66(68)
MP x2/3,GK x3 (MP+HP+MP,GK+HP+GK if torment, gyara is range at 27)
Thrash does 26-30(31)
Go to veilstone mart
3F: Buy TM38
2F: 8 X Attacks, 5 X Specials (9 atks with $340 extra)
1F: 3 (max) Super Repels ($160 remaining)
Teach Fire Blast(Mach Punch) and go to gym. Candy here if already Lv.29.
Blaze is 21/81 23/83 26/86 29/89
FB (FW in blaze at Lv.30)
Candy to 30 before spinners, and ether if <3 PP
Ether if <1 PP with blaze, <4 PP without before Maylene
Maylene: FB[FW],FB[FW],FB(FB)
Meditite does 24-27(28) or 33-39(40) at -1
Lucario does 37-43(45) or 22-24(26) per bone rush
Machoke does 33-37(39)

Heal to full if either below 49HP or if no fire blasts, less than 2 ethers and <77HP. Ether if 0 PP and 2 ethers.
If HP 49-76: FW Beautifly, FB Stunky, FW Dustox, FW Croagunk
If HP 77+: FW Dustox, FW Croagunk, FW Beautifly, FB[FW] Stunky
Dustox does 22-24(26)
Beautifly does 32-38(42)
Get Fly and go south.
Super Repel.
Get hidden max ether. (FW)
Go to centre, withdraw slaves & heal monferno
Go to gym. HP,HP | GK | FB,HP | HP,HP,HP
Buizel does 18-20(24) with Aqua Jet
(Heal if Aqua Jet)
Wake: GK+X Spec+GK,GK,(heal if <21HP) GK
Floatzel does 56-66(68) / 17-20(21) and outspeeds if Monferno
Infernape: X Spec GK x2,GK,GK

Talk to grunt then fight rival
Rival: FW,CC,CC,FW
Follow grunt. (FW) | FW
Get secretpotion from Cynthia. Super repel, teach fly and fly to Solaceon. Go north to psyducks.
CC,FW (FB at -1) | (FW,GK,FW) | CC/FB[FW] | FW¤,FW¤ | (GK,FB/FW(FW),FB/FW(FW))
¤If Reflect, CC,CC or FW(FW),CC if only 1 CC.
Talk to grunt. FW,FW. Get surf in ruins.
Heal to 39HP. Fly to Hearthome and go to gym. RMLR.
Lv39 25%=29 33%=39 (37 for keeping through level) 
Lv40 25%=30 33%=40
Fantina: X Atk (X Atk if not in Blaze) FW/FB,FW,FW
Drifblim does 32-38(42) and 50-56(60) at +1

Teach Surf and strength to Bibarel keeping defence curl, heal to 49HP if not in Blaze (13HP in Blaze), ether close combat, super repel and fly to Jublilfe.
Then go west. Surf straight west taking the south route to avoid spinner.
Blaze: FW,Switch,CC,FW,CC,FW
No blaze: X Atk FW,CC,FW,CC,FW
Staravia does 32-36(38) or 10-12(13) with QA
Save 1 Close Combat and 1 Fire Blast for Byron
CC/FB/GK x2 | FW,FB/GK(GK) (Always GK at Lv.43) | GK,GK | GK,GK | CC/GK x2

Go to library, cutscene, fly to Pastoria. Go to lake. (FW) Heal with guard in hotel. (FB,FW)
Saturn: FW,FB,FW
Fly to Twinleaf
FW Glameow, FW Cascoon, FB[FW] Golbat, FW Glameow (def curl with Bibarel, apart from Strength Golbat so can FW if FB misses.)
Mars: FB,FW,CC
Fly to Celestic. Go to mart.
Buy 11 Potions, 11 Hyper Potions, 11 Revives, 1 Escape Rope, 11 Max Repels.
Max Repel, ether Fire Blast if <2 PP and heal to full if below 89HP or below 27HP if in Blaze. Go through Mt Coronet.
FB,GK x2 [FB],GK
Raichu does 9-10(11)
Pelliper does 48-54(56)
Get HM rock climb
Before trainer, max repel and heal to 41HP (43HP if already Lv.48) (and ether FB if didn't on last menu). FW,CC.
Go to gym in Snowpoint. (FW)
Candice: FW,FW,FW,FB

Go to Lake Acuity, cutscene, fly to Veilstone. Get storage key and go to Galactic Warehouse. (FB[FW]) | FW,FW | (FW)
Get Galactic key and go to galactic building (middle door). Fight spinner on purpose to avoid trainer.
Take warp panel in TV room. Full heal in bed.
Fight grunts individually. FW,FW,FW | FW,FW
Left warp panel.
Cyrus: CC,FB,FW
Saturn: FW,FW,FB
Fly to Oreburgh City.
Before spinner, Max repel and teach Rock climb to Bibarel (still keeping def curl). Get hidden ether. (FW)
Max repel at grass. Get hidden ether. (FB[FW]).

FW Dustox, FW Croagunk, FW Stunky, FW Glameow

Heal to 116HP and ether Fire Blast.

FW right Bronzor, FB Golbat, CC Purugly, FW Bronzor, CC(FW) [FB] Skuntank, FB[FW at Lv.55] Golbat
Bronzor does 26-30(32), 38-44(48) at -1
Skuntank dos 43-51(52)

Cyrus: X Spec (X Spec if DP¤) FB,GK x2 (FB if used 2 X Specials),FB,CC[FW]
Honchkrow does 104-122(126)
Gyarados does 116-138(140)
¤Unless it doesn't put into Blaze, in which case heal.

Run from Palkia. Go back into Mt Coronet and use an escape rope. Fly to Pastoria and go to Sunnyshore.
(GK) | FW,GK,FB/CC/[FW] (38)
Go to lighthouse then to gym.
Teach Flare Blitz(Fire Blast)

FB/CC/[FW] (35) | FW | FW | (FW,FW,FW,FW) | (FB[FW]/FW at Lv.58 (35)) | FW,FB/CC/[FW] (36) | FW,GK | FB/CC,FB/[FW] (41,36)

Heal to 34HP and ether CC if <1 PP.
Volkner: X Atk FW/FB,CC,FB/CC[FW],FB/CC[FW] (40,46,49)
Raichu does 28-33(34) / 24-28(29)
Octillery does 84-96(98) / 22-25(26) / 14-16 / 4-10(11)
ideal: 32-59 or 63-86 for blaze after fight

Max repel and teach Waterfall to Bibarel. Heal to ideally 36-59HP/63-86HP (full if not).

CC/FB¤/[FW],GK,FB(GK) [FB] (27,35) | (GK)
Mantine does 44-50(54) or 66-74(78) at -1
¤if 63-86HP.

Ether CC and heal with max repel if need (check chart below). Try to get to 42-59HP after the chimecho fight.
Get hidden Max Elixir

This is for at Lv.59 (+3 for 60 and +6 for 61 values)
In brackets is the amount of CCs needed. Square brackets require potion. Need 6 CCs to do a (3).
[1-13 Potion x2 (3)]
[14-15 Chingling + Potion x3 (3)]
[16-33 Potion (3)]
[34-35 Chingling + Potion x2 (3)]
1-35 Heal
36-53 Nothing (3)
[54-55 Chingling + Potion (3)]
[57-63 Carnivine + Potion (3)]
[64-81 Clefable + Potion (2)]
[82-83 Torterra + Potion (3)]
54-83 Heal (67-83 EnergyPowder,otherwise hyper)
84-101 Clefable (2)
102-103 Torterra (3)
[104-113 Torterra + Chingling + Potion (3)]
[114-116 Clefable + Torterra + Potion (2)]
104-116 Heal (104 EnergyPowder,otherwise hyper)
117-133 Torterra + Chingling (3)
134-151 Clefable + Torterra (2)
152-152 Torterra + Machamp (2)
153-154 Blissey (3)
[155-162 Clefable + Torterra + Chingling + Potion (2)]
[163-166 Clefable + Torterra + Chimecho + Potion (2)]
155-166 Heal
167-173 Carnivine + Torterra + Chimecho (3)
174-177 Clefable + Torterra + Chimecho (2)

CC,GK,FW | CC/FB,FB/[FW] (48,50) | CC/FB (49) | FW,FB/[FW] (40)

Max Repel, heal to 45-62 (42-59 if still Lv.61) and Ether CC if <2 PP.

CC | [FB],GK,CC (44)

Heal to full and Ether CC if still have an ether.

FB,GK x2,CC (37)
Tentacruel does 36-42(44)
Gyarados does 96-110(114) or 140-164(168) at -1 / 38-44(45) or 56-66(67) with hyper beam

[Risky strat: Don't heal and then [FW],GK x2,CC (FB if died/revived and got enough CCs for blaze rival but not if rain is up) (41% to die)]

Deposit pokes except bidoof and heal unless 85+HP with 4+ CCs OR 51-63HP/135+HP with 3+ CCs.

Rival: X Atk¤ FB/CC,CC,CC,FW,CC,FW (50)
¤switch instead if <4 X Attacks. Use 2 X attacks or switch if U-Turn. (Need 3 attacks later)
Staraptor does 72-84(86)
Empoleon does 102-120(122)

Take the centre again (deposit & heal instead if haven't already).

Aaron: FW,FW,FB+FB,FB[FW],FB[FW] (Hera=55,Veps=51)

Heal to 142HP
Bertha: X Spec (X Spec if Dig) GK,GK(GK),GK,GK,CC

Heal to 129HP
Flint: X Atk CC,CC,CC,CC,FB (136)

Heal to full, max elixir
Lucian: FB,FB,CC,FB,FB

Heal to full
Cynthia: 1-2 X Att: FB¤, CC, CC, CC (CC+CC at +1, revive if die), FW, FW/FB (50,60)
¤can FW in Blaze at +2
Spiritomb does 88-102(104)
Note: If Garchomp kills you (which it likely will at +1), just revive and then kill. If you do so, use FB on Lucario, as +0 FW won't kill.  

523 exp from Cindy

214 to Lv.16 before Zubat
52 to Lv.16 before Purugly
273 to Lv.22 before Roserade
87 to Lv.24 before Skuntank
112 to Lv.28 before Gyarados
2230 to Lv.30 before Maylene
2863 to Lv.40 before Mismagius
7188 to Lv.55 before Skuntank
434 to Lv.66 before Whiscash
595 to Lv.69 before Medicham
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