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New Category + ILs
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He/Him, They/Them
2 months ago

100% added to the full game leaderboard

The requirements: All side quests All Main Quests (this basically includes every requirement after it)

All onions (is a quest) All Treasures (is a quest) Full Piklopedia (is a quest) All Rescues (is a quest) All night missions and leafling cures (is a quest) all medals on the dandori missions (I believe platinum would be required but the quest is for golds) Cure Oatchi (is a quest) All Upgrades (is a quest) The musical upgrade quest (is a quest)

Timing would end when you turn in the final quest or something? timing starts like normal.

I will probably do a run like this this week after work, and will send it in this thread then.


The ILs are the dandori practice and the cave you unlock after completing olimar's shipwreck tale

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theres a quest for all dandori battles to be platinum, and also theres the quest louie gives that gives an item at the end

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Night Expeditions might also be an IL but with no IGT

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I don't see 100% in the menu.


So is louie side quest require to finish a 100% run

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Does building all the build cout and growing pikmin and flower pikmin count

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if its a side quest, it should count

All Areas 100% has now been added to the boards. What you've described is more like what we've been tentatively calling All Missions, which will likely be added eventually if there's demand for it. Please feel free to join the discord (link in the banner at the top of the page) if you're interested in running All Missions!


Any chance we can get Daddy% added to the category list? It's a pretty funny sub category for killing an Empress Bulblax as soon as possible. There's a video created by MJTheShinyHunter regarding the run, and I would hope it would be the next BlueJuice% of this game. Also feels like a great entry-level speedrun for new players. Thanks :)