Suggestions about ”All Missions"
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Suggestions about ”All Missions"

Judging from the rules, I think it's possible to use Dingo for night expeditions, but I don't think it's appropriate for this category, which is equivalent to 100%.

Therefore, I think the rules should clearly state that it is prohibited to clear the game with the Dingo mark remaining.What do you think? Or I think we should create a new category that includes it.

I would like to run a complete 100% RTA, so please consider this.

(I'm not good at English, so I'm using machine translation. I'm sorry if it's difficult to read.)

Massachusetts, USA

I dont think this makes a lot of sense, night expediations arent really tied to a Mission in a speedrun sense, it also doesnt make sense to split an already not popular category.

You can run the category how you like, but dingo wont be banned for night missions under this cool ruleset