New Meme Category Ideas
2 years ago

Hi! I got an idea for a meme category, kind of like the ones found in the BOTW speedrun page. I contacted Chris, admin of this page, but he never answered so I'm wondering if any of y'all could make it happen.

My idea is the ShutUp%. You would have to make it the fastest to the moment where Alex says it for the first time, which is in the cave. I also tought of the ShutUpEveryone%, where you'd make Alex say it the ten times she can, which would be much longer. There was also the short Slap%, where you need to slap Ren at the beach.

I think meme categories could be fun and a nice addition to this game page, that is currently pretty bare. Thanks if you can help!


In the Discord server for Oxenfree, there was also some memeing around with a Chair% where you end the run when you sit on the chair at the Bridge Stand

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