Xbox One Version
6 years ago
Arkansas, USA

Hey, this just looks like a fun game I thought I could practice by playing through my runs non-stop.

Would a run on the console version work? I noticed it only says PC on here. I do not know if any differences between PC and console version so it wouldn't be good to ask me.


United Kingdom

Difference between PC and console is (as per always) loading times therefore the runs tend to not be comparable, if you submit a run for console I'll just make PC & console two different subcategories as tends to be standard.

Only reason it's not that way to begin with is because oxenfree is a small indie game that I figured wouldn't be run ha.

Arkansas, USA

Exactly. It's very small. Haha. I noticed the loading times were crazy long switching from location to location. Good to know. Thanks.

Could the console options be added? I’d like to run this awesome game!

There’s like 20 minutes of load screen but I don’t care. PS4 is all I have for now so a PC run will just have to wait.

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